First Hengdian Aviation Week

Post Time: 2019-06-14

2019 Hengdian Aviation Week and General Aviation Summit will be held in Hengdian from July 3 to 9. This activity aims to implement the strategy of developing China nationally and provincially via civil aviation. Therefore, this pilot program with aviation, film, and tourism combined is being carried out.

  Hengdian, in which the first township-level general airport was built, is also known as “the DreamWorks of Chinese Film and Television.” The first Hengdian Aviation Week is planned to be rich in content, and it mainly includes four parts: first is the opening ceremony of Hengdian Aviation Week. The second is the 2019 Aviation and Regional Economic Development Conference. The third is the Hengdian Aviation Week Photography Contest and training course in aerophotography. The fourth is the aviation carnival. At this, aviation enthusiasts and tourists can participate in many activities, such as watching flight shows, enjoying the scenery of Hengdian from the sky, going high-altitude tandem skydiving, taking hot air balloon rides, flying powered parachutes, and more. There will also be activities such as an aviation-themed summer party, research trips regarding aviation culture, fans meeting film and television stars, and more. (Translated by Wei Han, edited by Kendra Fiddler)


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