Intelligent Manufacturing in Yongkang

Post Time: 2019-06-28

In June 2003 and June 2006, Xi Jinping, secretary of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee at the time, came twice to Yongkang, a hardware city, and put forward his expectations for Yongkang’s strategic development to be an advanced manufacturing base in China as well as in the world. This helped create a blueprint for the city’s strategic growth and highlighted the direction for Yongkang’s development.

In April 2018, Zhejiang Haers Vacuum Containers Co., Ltd. established Haers Technology Innovation Research Institute, which has new materials & techniques research laboratories and software & hardware intelligent engineering laboratories. With the help of experts from the Computer Aided Product Innovation Design Engineering Center at Zhejiang University, Haers has launched a series of new products, like smart cups that remind the owner to drink water and vacuum cups with automatic ultraviolet sterilizers.

Haers is the first listed enterprise in the domestic vacuum cup industry and has successfully acquired the century-old Swiss brand SIGG. In 2018, Haers jumped to third place in the top 100 taxpayers in Yongkang, with a tax payment of 160 million RMB.

Lü Qiang, chairman of Haers, said that the new round of competition is not only a contest of productivity but also a game of quality of intelligent design. The introduction of intelligent manufacturing methods has accelerated Haers’ pace of internationalization.

In the data exchange center at Zhejiang Xingyue Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd., a huge screen displays a constantly-updated figure, which reflects the quantity of fresh air provided by the “Dream Maker” fresh air system for its customers nationwide.

“Just downloading an app, users can remotely operate the air purifier and monitor the concentration of fine particulate matters in the room,” Yan Wei, general manager of Xingyue said. “Customers can bring the best air home according to their needs.”

In addition to “Dream Maker,” Xingyue, an enterprise devoted to innovation and reform, has expanded its market to other fields. Its sales volume of agricultural equipment and output volume of portable variable frequency generators rank first in their fields, respectively. To date, Xingyue has possessed more than 800 patents, which includes over 100 patents for invention.

Hu Jirong, president of Xingyue remarked that only by focusing on innovation, targeting new fields like fresh air systems and agricultural equipment, and exploring the development potential of modern hardware, can Xingyue win broader space for its development.

Yongkang hardware manufacturing is transforming into an intelligent one, which relies on Yongkang’s craftsmanship, the joint efforts of excellent private entrepreneurs, and the accumulative achievements made by the Yongkang government and Yongkang people to meet Secretary Xi’s expectations. (By Jiang Xiaoming, translated by Shen Yingying, edited by Mariam Ayad)