New Energy Automobiles in Dongyang

Post Time: 2019-07-08

        On June 28, the eighth Jiufeng Lecture was held in the Jinhua Cultural Center. The guest speaker was Ma Zifeng, a winner of the State Scientific and Technological Progress Award, chief scientist of the National Basic Research Program (Program 973), chair professor of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and director of Shanghai Electrochemical Energy Devices Research Center.

        Professor Ma, a native of Dongyang, returned to his hometown to give a lecture on the topic of “Petrochemistry and New Energy Automobiles.” He also brought his research team to communicate with enterprises in Jinhua, hoping to assist with the development of new energy automobiles in Dongyang.

        In 1981, Ma was admitted to the Department of Chemical Engineering of Zhejiang University and majored in petrochemical engineering. In 1988, he graduated from Zhejiang University with a master’s degree and then taught at South China University of Technology. During his work at the South China University of Technology, he studied for a doctorate. Under the guidance of his PhD supervisor, he changed his major from petrochemical engineering to fuel cell technology and dove into the field of new energy automobiles. In 1997, he studied overseas as a member of the first delegation of fuel cell technology from China. Since 1998, he has been working at Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

        Ma Zifeng has devoted himself to scientific research for 30 years, which has yielded fruitful results. When talking about his scientific research achievements, however, he made light of what he had achieved and outlined his main research work with only a few projects.

        On January 8, 2019, at the 2018 State Science and Technology Awards Ceremony, the project Key Technologies for the Manufacturing and Application of Lithium Iron Phosphate Power Batteries, completed by Ma’s team, won second prize at the State Scientific and Technological Progress Awards, and Ma himself was cordially received by President Xi Jinping. It took Ma and his team 15 years to successfully establish a technology system of lithium iron phosphate batteries with independent intellectual property rights. The technology has been widely used in new energy automobiles and energy storage systems.

        Over the years, Ma has studied and worked in various places, but he has always been concerned about his hometown and has actively used his expertise to help the development of enterprises there.

        In 2004, Ma began to collaborate with Jinhua’s enterprises. He cooperated with Hengdian Group DMEGC Magnetics Co., Ltd., assisting the company with the construction of power lithium battery materials and production lines and providing long-term advisory services. He has also cooperated with some enterprises in Dongyang and Pan’an to promote the application of power lithium batteries in smart garbage sorting and recycling vehicles.

        In the lecture on June 28, Ma introduced technological developments in automobiles and analyzed the core and essence of the automotive power system and on-board energy storage technology. Using his scientific research experience, he highlighted the development of the power systems of new energy automobiles in China. He also made in-depth explanations of the technical characteristics and development prospects of vehicle power systems, including lithium batteries, fuel cells, oil-electric hybrids, hydrogen-electric hybrids, and more.

        After the lecture, Ma’s team also introduced the new energy project and communicated with relevant authorities of Jinhua and representatives of new energy automobile enterprises. (By Jia Zhenwei – Jinhua Daily, translated by Jin Haiqiong, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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