Japanese Friendship Delegation Visits Jinhua

Post Time: 2019-07-10


        On July 1, accompanied by Wang Xuan, who is one of the “people who moved China”in 2009 per the TV show “Touching China”, and Luo Jianzhong, a representative of the Foreign Affairs Office of Changde in Hunan Province, a group of 18 people from the Japanese Friendship Exchange Council visited the site of Chongshan Bacteriological Warfare in Yiwu. Afterwards, they visited the survivors and relatives of the victims. The delegation also saw the Museum of History of Bacteriological Warfare by Japanese Invaders in Yiwu City under construction to learn about its layout and construction progress.

        In the “Yiwu Exhibition Hall of Bacteriological Warfare by Japanese Invaders” in Jiangwan’s Qujiang Ancestral Temple, the delegation heard from Wang Xuan, Wang Ruihong, Wang Jianzheng, Wang Zhongxian, and others who are members of the Association of Victims’ Family of the Japanese Army’s Bacteriological Warfare in Yiwu. The depth of the trauma experienced by the victims shocked some of the Japanese visitors.

        Chiyoko Wada, the Japanese representative, has led or participated in delegations’ visits to war-torn areas of the bacteriological warfare of the Japanese invaders 24 times since the beginning of the 1990s. For nearly half of this particular delegation, it was their first time visiting China. In the future, there will be more new members so that more Japanese people can learn about the tragic history of Sino-Japanese warfare. (By Wang Zhijian, translated by Wei Han, edited by Kendra Fiddler)