Race to the Top of Jinhua Mountain

Post Time: 2019-09-05

    On September 1, the King of Mountains race, part of the 3rd Landscape Adventure Series, was held in Jinhua. Over 200 cyclists gathered at the foot of Jinhua Mountain to push themselves to finish the 19km climb to the top. Participants completed a 1,314-meter climb, which started at the ancient village of Shanxiacao; they pedaled through the villages of Daling, Danzixia, and Lutian; passed by the Lookout; and finally reached the peak of Jinhua Mountain, Dapanjian.

    Compared to other outdoor sporting events, the KoM race of the Landscape Adventure Series inspired participants to test their personal limits and attracted athletes from China, the USA, the UK, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Ireland, Sweden, and Brazil. Cai Shengsheng of China won the race after completing the climb in 53 minutes and 35 seconds, setting a new course record.

    The Landscape Adventure Series was launched in 2017 by the city of Jinhua, which holds the trademark, and was included in a provincial list of major sporting events in 2018. As a versatile and comprehensive series of sporting events, Landscape Adventure includes four sports: swimming, kayaking, cross-country running, and cycling. In order to better implement the “Sports Plus Urban” growth mentality and to promote ecological and rural culture, sporting events have been organized throughout the city, including the third season of Landscape Adventure.

    The King of the Mountains race reaffirmed the success enjoyed by the kayaking race that was held last July at Huhaitang Park. Up next, in late September and October, other sporting events will be held in the town of Langya.

    The location of the KoM race was Jinhua Mountain, which offers majestic views, varied terrain, and a number of scenic spots (Double Dragon Cave). The Jinhua Mountain area is rich in vegetation and has a forest coverage rate of over 80%. It is very suitable for both mountain- and road-biking, as well as other outdoor sports.

    Regardless of whether it is on of the next few events of this season or next year’s KoM race, participants and athletes are looking forward to racing in Jinhua again. In fact, they indicated that Jinhua is highly suitable for holding high-level outdoor competitions. As a result, the Landscape Adventure series has become the highlight of Jinhua’s urban and rural development. (Translated by Marco Lovisetto, edited by Xiamara Hohman)


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