Ecological Construction Plan

Post Time: 2019-09-05

    On August 2, the Jinhua Ecology and Environment Bureau released the Eco-Civilization Construction Demonstration City Plan (2018-2025) (hereinafter referred to as “the Plan”).

    In recent years, the ecological environment in Jinhua has been improving: the surface water and the atmospheric environment have been enhanced, the main pollutants have decreased significantly, and the construction of ecological civilization has been upgraded. To date, Pujiang has been established as a national-level ecological civilization construction demonstration zone; Yiwu and Pan'an have been identified as provincial-level ecological civilization construction demonstration zones and are applying for national-level recognition; Lanxi, Dongyang, and Wuyi are applying for status as provincial-level ecological civilization construction demonstration counties.

    The Plan is divided into three steps: by 2020, Jinhua will become a provincial-level ecological civilization construction demonstration city in Zhejiang Province; by 2022, Jinhua will become a national-level ecological civilization construction demonstration city; and by 2025, Jinhua will establish a systematic and complete ecological civilization system.

    According to the Plan, Wucheng District, Jindong District, Lanxi, Yiwu, Dongyang, and Yongkang are the key areas in the first step. They will focus on industrial agglomeration, pay close attention to environmental protection, promote interaction between new industrialization and new urbanization, facilitate industrial transformation and upgrading, perfect infrastructure construction, optimize the public service system, enhance the level of ecological livability, and build up the capacity of urban gathering.

    Pujiang and Wuyi are considered provincial-level eco-economic regions that concentrate on managing development and exploring suitable industries. They are to be important suppliers for ecological and agricultural products, and to be areas where industrialization and urbanization are moderately developed.

    Pan'an is the key provincial ecological zone underlying the protection of natural resources and the ecological environment, such as developing ecotourism, strictly controlling development, and gradually reducing the land occupied by various construction and development activities.

    The Plan also clarified other tasks of the next steps, including economic transformation, environmental protection, building Jinhua into “The Garden in the Middle of Zhejiang,” and the construction of an ecological civilization system. The members are committed that by the year 2020, the water quality in the main rivers and lakes will be above Class III; industrial cluster areas will be equipped with centralized sewage treatment facilities and automatic monitoring devices; and for air quality, the PM2.5 in Jinhua will drop below 34 μg/m3, while the PM2.5 downtown will be kept below 35 μg/m3. (Translated by Li Ziyi, edited by Kendra Fiddler)