Pan Xiaofeng: A Willing Investor

Post Time: 2019-10-23

      Pan Xiaofeng, from Wuyi County, is a joint venture capital investor at Beijing GSR United Capital Management Consulting Co., Ltd. (GSR United Capital). He holds a bachelor's in engineering from Zhejiang University and a master's in law from Nanjing University.

      In its early stages, his team invested in,,, and some other Internet companies. Before entering the investment industry, Pan worked in Nortel Networks Corporation and Dongfeng Motor Corporation, which provided him with extensive experience. When a reporter asked him whether young people needed to work in large companies before starting a business, he said: “Work experience in big companies is valuable, but if young people have particularly good ideas and entrepreneurial passions, why should they have to? Because they are young, even if they fail, they can try again! Trial and error itself is a kind of experience.”

      When Pan was asked why the word “united” is in the company's name, he said that he has always believed in the partnership mechanism, not individual heroism. With the development of globalization, the division of labor is more and more specialized in the market economy environment, and no enterprise can always succeed on its own.

      Therefore, the current development goal of GSR United Capital is to reflect the strength of unity, but at the same time Pan actively encourages and supports young people's projects of innovation and starting their own businesses. He stated, “As long as you dare to start your business, I am willing to invest.” (By Zhang Jiajia, edited by Kendra Fiddler)