Waste Management Research Institute Established

Post Time: 2019-12-05

       On the morning of November 28, the nation's first waste management research institute—Jinhua Waste Management Research Institute—was established at Zhejiang Normal University.

       In recent years, policies in Jinhua have taken the lead in exploring new ways for the whole province to carry out waste management. The model of rural waste classification originally launched in Jinhua in 2014 dividing between decomposable and re-sellable waste (二次四分 èrcì sìfēn; lit. Double Division, Four Categories) has been extended to the whole country by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. In addition, with the recognition of the urban waste classification model indicating two time slots and four kinds of wastes for collection (两定四分 liǎngdìng sìfēn; lit. Two Fixed [Times], Four Categories) by the Provincial People's Government, examples of Jinhua's governance experience, such as in the Pujiang and the Jindong models, have become benchmarks for the entire province.

       The Research Institute was jointly established by the Jinhua Urban and Rural Waste Management Leading Group Office and higher education institutions—Zhejiang Normal University, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Zhejiang College, and Jinhua Polytechnic. Gathering resources and forces from all walks of life, the Research Institute is the first comprehensive platform that integrates waste management research, planning, publicity and training throughout the country.