Hengdian Releases New Preferential Policies

Post Time: 2019-12-24

Hengdian is the pioneer and leader in China's film and television industry. The development of the domestic film and television industry is now transitioning from a rapid one to a high-quality one. At this critical phase, the Hengdian Film and Television Industry Cluster (HFTIC) held its first press conference on December 17, releasing remarkable preferential policies to give impetus to the development of Hengdian's film and television industry.

According to news from the press conference, all the studios owned by the Hengdian World Studios (HWS) will be free of charge for television crews, whose projects range from modern, contemporary, to science-fiction themes, as well as all film crews. This is another important preferential policy after the one released in 2000 that the crews would be exempt from paying rent for use of the outdoor-scene shooting bases. Since there are over 100 studios in Hengdian, so the annual concession will reach hundreds of millions of RMB.

Xu Tianfu, deputy director of the management office of the HFTIC and vice president of the Hengdian Group, remarked that the hotels owned by the HWS will also offer the greatest accommodation discount and convenience services to the crews, aiming to support the production of film and television companies and to encourage them to create more excellent works.

“For film and television projects supported by the state, films and television dramas with revolutionary or historical themes, and projects that eulogize the spirit of the time, in addition to the aforementioned preferential policies, they will receive greater policy support,” Xu said. He also mentioned that prioritizing the social benefits, rather than economic benefits reflects the enterprise's social responsibility.

The HFTIC is the only provincial industry cluster in Zhejiang. In recent years, Hengdian has become a pioneer with a well-deserved reputation in Zhejiang's film and television industry as well as in that of China's.

In the new phase of development of the HFTIC, the Hengdian Group's vision to build the best film and television industry base becomes clearer. Since the beginning of this year, the HWS has received 310 crews. In order to comply with the trend of industrialized production of film and television, the HWS will continue to promote the upgrading of the studios, planning to build 200 studios in 2 to 3 years, including high-, medium-, and low-level studio clusters. In addition, the world's largest studio covering an area of 12,000 m2 is expected to go into service in the HWS next March.

Xu Tianfu explained that, in the future, the HWS will not only be the main venue for costume dramas, but will also build new contemporary drama scenes and revolutionary war shooting bases to provide more options for films and television dramas themed with contemporary subjects and revolutionary wars.

At the press conference, the Jinhua Film and Television Base Alliance was established to promote the interconnection and mutual benefit of all the film and television bases in Jinhua and also to build an all-around development pattern of film and television bases. The first batch of crews that will enjoy the preferential policies attended the signing ceremony. (By Li Xiaoyan, translated by Shen Yingying, edited by Mariam Ayad)