Emergence of the E-hospital in Yiwu

Post Time: 2020-01-02

On December 17, San Xitang Pharmacy signed a cooperation agreement with Huatuoyun online platform to build the first internet hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), to provide convenient services for Yiwu citizens, including registration, online diagnosis, online reexamination, online payment, TCM decocting, medicine delivery and others.

It is understood that smart-TCM and community-level TCM boom due to the introduction of several documents. Social capital TCM, represented by San Xitang, is a pioneer in the province and thus promotes the formation of traditional Chinese medicine in Yiwu.

In 2018, Yiwu Health Commission conducted cooperation with Huatuoyun platform to build a TCM health information platform. These efforts provided intelligent TCM services for 14 community health centers and health rooms and service stations, and enhanced the service capacity and standard of TCM in Yiwu's medical institutions.

Both sides will leverage their strengths in terms of TCM resources, local TCM materials, innovation and inheritance of TCM to establish an internet hospital platform where citizens can enjoy one-stop TCM services.

San Xitang is a renowned TCM pharmacy in Zhejiang Province. Its TCM revenue ranks top in Yiwu city. In addition, it makes great contributions to the dissemination of information of the effectiveness of TCM to cure disease, knowledge of healthcare and inheritance of China's TCM culture.

Huatuoyun platform is the first smart cloud platform that focuses on TCM and assembles the wisdom of experienced TCM doctors. The platform not only guides community TCM doctors in writing prescriptions, but it also helps the inheritance of the process of doctors, prescription and medicines. Meanwhile, it also simplifies the transaction process of prescription, examination, decocting and delivery. At present, Huatuoyun has become the most widely applied Cloud TCM Brain around the world.

According to the director of San Xitang, establishment of an internet TCM hospital will broaden the medical service space and contents within San Xitang and provide citizens with better, more efficient, more convenient and more considerate healthcare services.

According to the CEO of Huatuoyun, “The community welcomes more TCM doctors and TCM goes to the community. New technologies and applications effectively underpin the community-level TCM services base. In the future, lessons and advantages of both sides will be leveraged to offer more convenient TCM services online and offline. In this way, public can appreciate the charm of TCM for a new era and TCM enterprises will develop in a creative way.” (Translated by Huang Dan, edited by Mariam Ayad)