Huayuan Village Releases New Policy

Post Time: 2020-01-09

On January 5, Huayuan Village of Nanma Town, Dongyang issued a new policy to attract talents: Anyone who builds a house or a factory in Huayuan Village is allowed to transfer his or her hukou (household registration) to Huayuan Village, and enjoy the same treatment and benefits as local villagers.

Li Dan, who has worked with the Garden Group for many years, is a villager from Lianhe Village of Nanma Town. He built a house in the Garden Village in 2013. He said, “My family lives and works in the Garden Village. It would be more convenient and beneficial if we are able to move our hukou to Huayuan Village.” According to statistics, there are currently nearly 1,000 families in Huayuan Village that qualify under the new policy.