Laojiekou Melon Seeds Go Viral

Post Time: 2020-01-13

“When it comes to melon seeds, Laojiekou melon seeds in Jinhua are the best,” eaters said. Since 2015, Laojiekou, one melon seed brand in Jinhua, has become popular online. Sales of its melon seeds have increased sharply, and gradually it is beginning to sell well in other countries as well, such as the United States, Canada, Spain, and others.

When walking into the Nut Science and Technology Industrial Park of Luobu Town in the economic and technological development zone of Jinhua, what greets a visitor is the strong flavor of caramel melon seeds from a workshop of Laojiekou Food Co., Ltd. in Jinhua.

Many companies, such as Li Xinji Food Co., Ltd., Laojiekou Food Co., Ltd., and Hongyan Food Co., Ltd., currently lie in this Park. Laojiekou’s melon seeds are second to none when it comes to online sales. Regarding e-sales, Laojiekou melon seeds have won first place for four consecutive years, according to statistics from Tmall. Laojiekou sells 8,000 tons of seeds online a year, with sales reaching 400 million RMB. The company set a new record on “Double 11” (November 11) in 2019, selling 600 tons in a single day.

Jia Yifan, general manager of Laojiekou, said, “Recently, I worked overtime till 3:00 a.m., only to get up at 6:00 a.m. and find myself extremely busy when I got back to the workshop.” By following him, we slowly solved the mystery of the popularity of Laojiekou’s melon seeds.

Jia is a second-generation “melon seed man.” Among the melon seed industries in Jinhua, he was the first to use the Internet as a platform to sell his product. In 2015, he registered the Laojiekou brand and sold a series of Jinhua’s original caramel-flavored melon seeds on the Internet. To his surprise, they went viral nationwide and became a popular brand.

Jia mentioned that in recent years, there have been many brands of caramel-flavored melon seeds sold online, but Laojiekou always has strict requirements on raw melon seeds.

Since 2019, the Laojiekou brand has gradually stepped out of China, and its products sell well both at home and abroad. Thus, Jia is even more demanding on the specifications of producing caramel-flavored melon seeds. Jia mentioned that foreign customers have higher demands for the quality, taste, and packaging of melon seeds, and exports undergo several tests. The company must be meticulous in its production and packaging.