Zhu Liping: 1st Asian to Join ISSA

Post Time: 2020-01-14

      Zhu Liping, an art teacher at Fenghua Senior High School whose English name is Winnie Hebert, has been engaged in art education for 35 years. She is a member of the International Society of Scratchboard Artists (ISSA) and of the International Community of Miniature Art as well.

      In 2014, Zhu's paintings A Night at Yushan Island and Trestle Bridge were displayed at the 3rd International Scratchboard Exhibition.

      In 2016, Zhu's paintings Old Train No. 89 and Steam Engine (pictured below) were displayed at the 5th International Scratchboard Exhibition.

      Steam Engine by Winnie Hebert

      In 2017, Zhu's work Pineapple and Rose won the top award at the Lion Arts Festival in Australia.

Pineapple and Rose by Winnie Hebert


      In 2013, Zhu Liping came to the U.S. with 40 of her scratchboard paintings, and a master of scratchboard art recommended her to the ISSA. Scratchboard is an art form that originated in Britain and France and can be traced back to 1850. It was mainly used for the creation of commercial illustrations at that time. Scratchboard painting replaced copper-etched plate painting because of its low cost, convenient operation, and delicate representations, which was all the rage at the time.

      During her first visit to the U.S., Zhu Liping successfully displayed 20 of her paintings at the San Diego Artist Center's online exhibition. She also joined the ISSA, becoming the first member from Asia in the ISSA.

      In late March 2013, accompanying her husband, Zhu Liping went to a desert, a three hours'drive from San Diego, California. They visited a lake called Salton Sea. There were piles of sand and salt-wrapped, sand-transporting machines. Bereft of human life, only ospreys were present, resting on a wooden pole. She told her husband that she wanted to draw this view. Unexpectedly, her husband died of illness before long. She named the painting Guardian, each stroke of which embeds her deep love for her husband.