Yiwu Cross-Border E-Commerce Orders Surge

Post Time: 2020-03-16
      On March 9, spokesperson of the Yiwu Xiangtong Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. shared the good news that the Yiwu Bonded Logistic Center-based company handled 45,000 orders in various e-commerce platforms during the e-commerce promotion of March 8th. Epidemic prevention products become absolute winners of the promotional sales, accounting for one-third of the total number of orders.

The epidemic outbreak has changed the way people shop, and “cloud shopping” is becoming a new choice for an increasing number of consumers. Liu Aiming, head of the Yiwu Fisher Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., was pleased to find that since the resumption of work, online orders soared, averaging a daily volume of 6000. His company has shipped 120,000 cross-border parcels, and orders shipped within the Yangtze River Delta region can be delivered the next day.

At present, the company is second-level distributor of Danone China and cross-border e-commerce first-level distributor of Nestle China. In the future, there are also plans to expand the coverage along the central region of China, shipping the orders from the Yiwu Bonded warehouse.

For the next step of development, Mr. Liu is fully confident and explained that this is a crucial year for the development of his company, which is expected to record sales for 1 billion RMB. The company will rely on the Yiwu Bonded Logistics Center to expand the range of products supplied, including children safety seats, luxury goods, and cosmetics, and to actively explore new markets.

Facing the recent rapid growth of cross-border e-commerce orders, people in the industry who have long been concerned about the development of cross-border e-commerce in Yiwu have concluded that the growth primarily depends on two factors: the response to the local policies related to import and export which brought about urgent need of products of import; secondly, the cross-border e-commerce model benefited from the choice to not suspend activity during the Spring Festival break, which just happened to be ready to meet the demand during the epidemic prevention and control period.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, sales of cross-border products of health products, maternity and infant supplies, and epidemic prevention products have increased significantly in the Yiwu Bonded Logistics Center. Among them, disinfectant, masks, hand sanitizer, and sterilization cards have become “hot products.”

“We are full of confidence in the escalating domestic consumer market. We also believe that the epidemic was the opportunity to allow many consumers to experience the advantages of cross-border online shopping. Cross-border online demand will further increase,” explained a spokesperson of the Yiwu Bonded Logistics Center.

During the e-commerce promotion of March 8th, the cumulative amount of relevant cross-border import orders exceeded 530,000, which is 15 times more than that of the same period last year. (By Wu Fengyu, translated by Marco Lovisetto, edited by Mariam Ayad)

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