Yiwu, A Port for International Mail

Post Time: 2020-03-17
     At 9:13 on the morning of March 10, China Postal Airlines’ Osaka-Yiwu International Freight Flight arrived at the Yiwu Airport, carrying the first batch of mail from Japan. It is the first international freight route to Japan opened at Yiwu Airport, and Yiwu has become the first county-level airport in China to receive international mail.

Due to the impact of the coronavirus epidemic, a large number of international flights to and from China have been suspended or reduced, making it difficult to deliver overseas mail to China. Under these circumstances, Yiwu Airport has already opened a green channel for Osaka-Yiwu flights carrying donations, and now they have taken further measures to add extra freight flights in order to carry mail from Japan. To ensure that Yiwu’s citizens can receive their commodities on time, Yiwu Customs is taking pains to achieve the goal of “releasing goods immediately after customs declaration.”

Since China Postal Airlines’ Yiwu-Osaka International Freight Line opened in August last year, there are five flights per week, Tuesday to Saturday, which have the advantages of non-stop routes, high on-time rates, next-day delivery, and professional customs clearance. It has further enhanced the competitiveness of Yiwu’s cross-border e-commerce market by fully utilizing Yiwu’s important position and location in the Belt and Road Initiative.

The opening of China Postal Airlines’ Yiwu-Osaka International Freight Line not only further promotes the economic and trade relationship and the development of air logistics between China and Japan, but also makes Yiwu an important node for mail exchange during the epidemic. This week, over twelve tons of mail will be imported from Japan through China Postal Airlines’ Yiwu-Osaka International Freight Flights. (By Zhang Zhichang, translated by Wei Han, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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