5G Network in Industry

Post Time: 2020-03-23
     On March 18, Chen Long, secretary of the Jinhua Municipal Party Committee, investigated the development of Jinhua’s 5G network with a delegation. They visited Jinhua’s first “5G network + Industrial Internet” production line, jointly built by Jinhua Mobile and Zhejiang Wanliyang Co., Ltd., and listened to a report on the construction of the 5G network infrastructure and the application of the 5G network + Industrial Internet. They complimented Jinhua Mobile’s work on promoting the integration of the 5G network with local industry, and on its achievements in enabling companies’ intelligent transformation with 5G technology.

5G technology is an engine for the evolution and upgrading of cutting-edge information technology infrastructure. As one of the most important application fields of 5G networks, the Industrial Internet can energize all industries and better serve the public with the help of 5G technology. What multiplication effects will be brought about by the integrated development of the 5G network + Industrial Internet? Wanliyang’s workshop is showing the way.

Wanliyang Group is a leading enterprise in Jinhua that mainly produces gears, transmissions, and transmission housings, along with other products. At present, most of the machine tools in the factory area are automated, and automated management of production has been achieved.

A wired network was being used to control the machine tools, but it is expensive and difficult to use due to the complex work environment of the production workshop. Wired networks are facing great challenges in terms of effectiveness, stability, and reliability. According to the technical personnel of Jinhua Mobile, the 5G network has characteristics of high speed, low delay, and high connectivity; it can collect, transmit, analyze, and control the production data of thousands of pieces of equipment in the factory at low cost and high reliability, which meets the needs of intelligent management perfectly.

Jinhua Mobile provides the 5G network for Wanliyang’s production workshop and offers an industrial Internet platform according to the workshop’s characteristics. Through the 5G connection gateway, the production data of machine tools is aggregated to the management platform of the Industrial Internet, which provides intelligent analysis of production data such as production efficiency, energy consumption, and consumption of machine tools, and helps companies reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve the level of management.

Thanks to the 5G network’s characteristic of low delay, the production plan of a company can be efficiently delivered to each machine tool through the management platform of the Industrial Internet to achieve intelligent management of the workshop.

In the field of manufacturing, the application of 5G network + Industrial Internet can reduce costs, improve quality, and increase the efficiency of production through intelligent methods of management and control such as information collection, remote control, video monitoring, and product quality testing of production equipment.

Jinhua Mobile will accelerate the construction of new infrastructure involving the 5G network. It will empower traditional industries with 5G technology, set up platforms for industrial management, and promote the integration of 5G technology and industry. With all these efforts, Jinhua’s manufacturing industry will be digitalized, networked, and intelligently upgraded, and it will become a model project of the 5G network + Industrial Internet strategy.

The intelligent transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry offers a new kind of competition among leading companies, a new direction of global industrial development, and a new focus of competition among major manufacturing countries. The 5G network, as an important carrier for intelligent manufacturing, will connect all production factors and achieve efficient coordination among them, so that the needs of smart factories will be easily met, such as smart perception, ubiquitous connection, real-time analysis, and precise control. With the 5G technology, the operational space can be centralized, the operational process can be mechanized, operation and maintenance assistance can be remote-controlled, and services can be offered online. These improvements will free employees from their desks, which means operations with fewer people or even unmanned operations will be realized, and the level of industrial manufacturing will be improved. (Translated by Wei Han, edited by Kendra Fiddler)