Banks Boost Transportation Construction in Jinhua

Post Time: 2020-03-25
 On the afternoon of March 19, the Leading Group of the Office for the Construction of the Comprehensive Transportation Hub in Jinyi Urban District, the Jinhua Transport Administration, and the Jinhua Branch of the Bank of China signed a strategic cooperation agreement to build a “national comprehensive transportation hub.”

Chen Long, secretary of the Jinhua Municipal Party Committee; Wu Min, secretary of the Party Committee and president of the Zhejiang Branch of the Bank of China; Xu Jianjun, vice president of the Zhejiang Branch of the Bank of China; Wang Quan, president of the Jinhua Branch of the Bank of China; and Zheng Yuliang, Lu Bing, and Zhang Ronggui, leaders of the Jinhua Government, attended the signing ceremony.

Before the signing, Chen Long gave a warm welcome to the attending guests. After briefly introducing the economic and social development of Jinhua, he stated that given the fact that Jinhua has been a transportation hub and strategic location since ancient times, and the facts of the city’s current development needs, last year Jinhua decided to accelerate the process of becoming a national comprehensive transportation hub. To achieve this goal, financial support is indispensable. In recent years, the Zhejiang Branch and the Jinhua Branch of the Bank of China have assisted Jinhua. Chen hopes that by taking the opportunity of signing this agreement, the Bank of China can give continuous support to Jinhua. Meanwhile, the Jinhua Government will do its utmost to provide the best service to help the Bank of China develop its business in Jinhua.

Wu Min expressed his gratitude to the Jinhua Municipal Party Committee and the Jinhua Government for their constant interest and support, and he was encouraged by the new achievements made by Jinhua. He said that serving the local economy is the responsibility of financial institutions, and the Bank of China will show its determination and ability to serve key cities and areas by helping Jinhua build a nationwide comprehensive transportation hub. The Bank of China will take this strategic cooperation as an opportunity to offer more financial services, thus being a major financial force to support local development. Wu hopes that Jinhua will keep supporting the financial industry and providing a friendly environment for the expansion of the Jinhua Branch.

According to the agreement, the Jinhua Branch of the Bank of China will provide comprehensive credit or finance of no less than 30 billion RMB to major transportation projects in Jinhua in the next three years, helping Jinhua become an even more important hub in the Yangtze River Delta, a strategic stop on the Belt and Road, and a comprehensive national transportation hub. In the past few years, the Bank of China has been taking note of the construction of transportation infrastructure in Jinhua and providing strong financial support to key projects such as the intercity bus rapid transit system, the Jinyi East intercity rail transit project, and the reconstruction of Zhejiang Provincial Highway 45. (By Sheng You, translated by Li Ziyi, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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