Intellectual Property Protection in Yiwu

Post Time: 2020-04-27
    On April 21, the Yiwu Municipal Center of Criminal Justice Protection for Intellectual Property (CCJPIP) was established, which is the first intellectual property criminal justice protection center to be officially established in China.

Yiwu Municipal People’s Court and Yiwu Municipal Public Security Bureau jointly established the center, and the Municipal People’s Procuratorate took the lead in its establishment. The CCJPIP will carry out its functions by following the clues of complaints and accusations in the field of intellectual property criminal justice, constructing and sharing databases of obligees (intellectual property owners), making clear the criminal penalties, protecting the rights and interests of obligees, and providing assistance in judicial evidence collection, crime prevention, method exploration, and theoretical research.

In recent years, with the economic development and thriving market of Yiwu, the protection of property rights has gradually become a “big business card” in Yiwu. The establishment of the center will provide services and contribute to the high-level construction that is making Yiwu “a city of two models” (a model city with a world-class business environment and a model city featuring the world’s “commodities city”). (By Wang Jiali, translated by Zhang Jiajia, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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