Jinhua China Tower Committed to 5G Construction

Post Time: 2020-05-06
     Before World Telecommunications Day (May 17) this year, the Jinhua branch of China Tower Corp. Ltd. (hereinafter Jinhua China Tower) will build 3200 5G base stations in Jinhua, covering the main urban areas of counties, county-level cities, and districts. Moreover, key suburban towns, schools, hospitals, scenic spots, stations, and airports will be fully covered as well. By 2025, there will be 20,000 base stations in Jinhua, with a total investment of nearly 1.5 billion RMB. The staff of Jinhua China Tower are going all out to build these 3200 5G base stations, during which many new records have been achieved.

Fang Hong, secretary of the Party Committee of Jinhua China Tower and general manager of Jinhua China Tower said, Jinhua China Tower is working with the country’s three major mobile operators, China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom, on 5G projects. The construction of base stations is the foundation for economical and efficient 5G networks.


A Group of “Artists”—Blending 5G Base Stations into their Surroundings

Fang said that telecom infrastructure should be integrated with urban construction, which not only guarantees the quality of 5G networks but also preserves the beauty of urban buildings, thus creating a harmonious environment in which people, technology, nature, and culture are integrated together.

In Hengdian World Studios, without building any new poles or towers, Jinhua China Tower hides some base stations in the attics of buildings, builds some base stations in the form of antique buildings, and puts wireless sites on utility poles in densely populated areas, integrating bases stations into their surroundings.

In the core scenic area of Shuanglong, base stations are hidden in the woods, machine rooms are hidden in the grass, and some equipment is hung on lamp posts and utility poles.

In the urban scenic area along the conjunction of the rivers, Three Rivers and Six Embankments, towers are integrated into parks, some machine rooms are built in the form of rockeries, and some machine rooms just become works of art in the parks.


An Infrastructural Army with High Efficiency

In Sakura Park in the urban area, the staff at the Wucheng office of Jinhua China Tower work extra shifts with the aim to complete the construction of base stations by the end of May, which will reduce the expected construction period from 3 months to 1.5 months.

In Hengdian World Studios, the staff at the Dongyang office of Jinhua China Tower completed the upgrading of one hundred and twenty-nine 5G base stations and the construction of six 5G base stations in two months, completing the layout of 5G trial networks in advance.

To help the Jinhua government construct a city with a strong private economy, Jinhua China Tower has also built 5G base stations in many enterprises.


A Shared “Tower Mode Layout Map

China Tower is a young state-owned enterprise. Before its establishment, some of the three major mobile operators’ investment and construction in telecom infrastructure had overlapped, which was a waste of resources.

With Sakura Park as the center, a cellular layout map of 5G base stations is formed, and the siting of each station on the map is under careful planning. This layout map is shared by the three mobile operators, and this is exactly what the Tower Mode is.

Zhejiang is one of the provinces in the country that started building 5G networks early. Jinhua China Tower gives full play to the advantages of sharing resources and accelerates the speed of 5G construction. The company adheres to the principle of “Sharing Rather Than Building, Co-Building Rather Than Building Separately” and continuously promotes industrial sharing and social sharing. In terms of 5G construction, the company makes full use of existing base stations and promotes the deployment of new stations to accelerate the upgrading of Jinhuas industries and the development of Jinhuas digital economy. (By Mao Weijun, translated by Shen Yingying, edited by Mariam Ayad)