Photographed by Huang Zezhen Jinhua Mayor Delivers Government Work Report

Post Time: 2020-05-06


Photographed by Huang Zezhen

On April 26, the 5th Session of the 7th Jinhua Municipal People’s Congress opened. Gathering in the cultural center of Jinhua, 415 deputies of the People’s Congress attended the meeting and listened to the government work report, delivered by Yin Xuequn, mayor of Jinhua.

First, Yin reported on the prevention and control of COVID-19. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the Jinhua Municipal Government has resolutely implemented the decision-making and deployment of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, Zhejiang Provincial Government, and Jinhua Municipal Party Committee under the strong leadership of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council. Jinhua’s government has taken the lead in establishing a strong system at city, county, and township levels and carrying out matrix testing through big data and developing a four-color management system, focusing on the management and control of key infection chains, and thus the city’s pandemic situation continues to improve. Yin paid tribute to the healthcare workers who have fought hard on the front lines against the pandemic, and thanked the general public who have supported and participated in the prevention and control of the pandemic.

Afterwards, he reported on the government work of 2019 and the 70-year anniversary of the founding of PRC. Over the past year, facing the complex situation in which domestic and foreign risks and challenges have risen significantly, the municipal government has held high the great banner of President Xi Jinping’s Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era, implemented the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Party and all plenary sessions of the 19th CPC Central Committee, fought the “nine difficult battles” at full tilt, overcame difficulties and forged ahead, and successfully completed the tasks delineated by the four sessions of the 7th Municipal People’s Congress. The city’s GDP reached 455.99 billion RMB, a year-on-year increase of 6.5%; the general public budget revenue was 41.13 billion RMB, an increase of 4.8%; the per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents reached 59,348 RMB and 28,511 RMB, an increase of 8.1% and 8.7%, respectively. Jinhua made greater progress in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects. Additionally, the government received three positive incentives from the State Council and nine positive incentives from the provincial government.

Over the last year, the real economy has improved in quality and efficiency by focusing on key entities and providing more momentum; the economy has continued to gain more vitality by sticking to the reform and opening up policy; urban areas have accelerated construction through deep integration; the countryside presented a new look through addressing agricultural issues relating to rural development and optimizing the ecological environment in rural areas; the social environment remained stable and orderly through preventative measures; people’s lives continued to improve due to the government focusing on people’s livelihood and helping them address their practical problems.

The report noted that the main goals of the city’s economic and social development in 2020 are as follows: It will strive to make the city’s GDP growth rate reach 6-6.5% and investment in R&D reach 2%; it will control the registered urban unemployment rate below 2.5%, and make the increase of effective investments, general public budget revenue, and income of urban and rural residents basically synchronize with economic growth. It will also make labor productivity of all employees steadily increase, and enable the city’s energy production and environment to meet the provincial requirements.

To achieve these goals, the government must stick to the bottom line and overcome difficulties, take initiative though “benchmarking,” actively serve the people, and move forward with reforms and innovation. It should be united in normalizing the prevention and control of the pandemic in order to stabilize the basic development of the economy. Furthermore, the government needs to help the city have a strong private economy and high-quality new momentum for development, stimulate new vitality for regional development by furthering the reform and opening up, create a new landscape for urban development by strengthening the planning of the city, highlight the peaceful and livable environment of the countryside by reinvigorating the countryside, meet the expectations of the people by improving their well-being, and present a new image in performing its duties by enhancing its governance.

At the end of the report, Yin expressed his hope that the municipal  government will be more closely united as a group with President Xi Jinping at the core. Under the strong leadership of the Provincial Party Committee, Provincial Government, and Municipal Party Committee, the government will work harder to accomplish Jinhua’s contribution toward building Zhejiang as an important example demonstrating the superiority of the system of socialism with Chinese characteristics. (By Yang Lincong, translated by Zhang Jiajia, edited by Kendra Fiddler) 

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