Jin-Yi New Urban Area Constructs Expressway Network

Post Time: 2020-07-15

The transportation department of the Jinhua government has been planning to construct an urban expressway network since the 12th Five-Year Plan period (2011-2015). In April this year, it released the Mid and Long-Term Development Plan for the Comprehensive Transportation Hub of Jin-Yi New Urban Area, which specifies that Jinhua will construct an urban expressway network by upgrading national and provincial highways and extending urban expressways. The expressway network will connect the urban area of Jinhua and Yiwu as well as their neighboring counties and county-level cities, covering Jinhuas key towns and industrial clusters. With a planned total length of 1400 kilometers, it will include all the national highways and major provincial highways in Jinhua, with “five horizontal highways, five vertical highways, and two belt highways as its skeleton.

The five horizontal highways include: 1) G351 National Highway Pujiang-Lanxi section; 2) planned Northern Freight Road, former S103 Provincial Highway, and planned Yiwu Third Belt Road; 3) Hongdai Road, Jinhua-Yiwu Central Road, G235 National Highway Jinhua-Yiwu section, and Guomao Road; 4) Jinhua-Yiwu East Highway; 5) G330 National Highway Wucheng Section, G235 National Highway Wucheng-Wuyi section, Yongkang-Wuyi Second Line, Dongyang-Yongkang Third Line, Dongyang-Yongkang First Line, and G527 National Highway Dongyang-Hulu section.

The five vertical highways” include: 1) G351 National Highway Yiwu-Dongyang-Pan’an section; 2) Pujiang-Yiwu Second Line, Yiwu Airport Road, G527 National Highway, G351 National Highway, Dongyang-Yongkang Second Line, and Yongkang North Belt Road; 3) Caotangli Road and G330 National Highway Jinhua-Yongkang section; 4) Jinhua-Lanxi Middle Line, Shigu Line, and Yongkang-Wuyi Fourth Line; 5) G330 National Highway Jinhua-Lanxi section and G235 National Highway Jinhua-Wuyi section. The “two belt highwaysare Jinhua Expressway Second Belt Road and Yiwu Expressway Belt Road.

The first-grade expressway loop is composed of Jinhua-Yiwu Central Road, Jinhua-Lanxi Middle Line, and Jinhua-Wuyi Expressway. With a total length of 530 kilometers, the first-grade expressways connect the urban district of Jinhua, Yiwu, Dongyang, Yongkang and other major counties and county-level cities to promote the integration and urbanization of Jin-Yi New Urban Area.

The second-grade expressway loop consists of G351 National Highway, Dongyong Third Line, G330 National Highway, and Yongkang-Wuyi Second Line, connecting the neighboring counties and county-level cities of Jin-Yi New Urban Area. With the main function of serving trucks, this expressway loop will effectively ease urban transit traffic.

To date, Jinhua has built several urban expressways, including Yiwu-Wuyi Expressway, Yiwu-Lanxi Expressway, and Dongyang-Yiwu Expressway. Facilitating the development of tourism, these expressways have brought great economic returns and social benefits. The urban expressway network covers the urban district of Jinhua, Yiwu, Dongyang, Yongkang, and Wuyi, including 71 towns and sub-districts, where about 4.39 million people dwell (including non-locals). Currently, Jinhua-Wuyi Expressway and Jinhua-Lanxi Expressway are under construction. When the urban expressway network is completed, it will take only 20 minutes for commuters to get to Lanxi, Wuyi, or Yiwu from the urban district of Jinhua. (By Zhang Haibin, translated by Shen Yingying, edited by Mariam Ayad) 

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