Outline of the Twelfth Five-Year Plan for Development of National Economy and Society in Jinhua City

 Guiding Ideologies

Guiding ideologies for the development of national economy and society in Jinhua city during the Twelfth Five-Year Plan, persisting in taking the important ideologies of the Deng Xiaoping Theory and “Three Represents” as guidelines, the scientific development as the subject, accelerating the transformation of economic development way as the main line, as well as the rich people, the powerful city, and the harmonious society as basic goals; fully implementing the Scientific Outlook on Development; closely centering on the main strategic line of “Development of City Agglomeration and Co-construction of Large Jinhua”; building a central city in the Midwest of Zhejiang province; focusing on pushing forward an industrially developed city with a prosperous service industry, pushing forward new urbanization and the ecological civilization construction; deepening the reform and opening up; practically securing and improving people's livelihoods; accelerating the rise of the middle area of Zhejiang province; fully building a well-to-do society that benefits all the citizens in Jinhua to lay a more solid foundation for the basic achievement of socialist modernization.

Development Goals

According to the above guiding ideologies, as well as the basic requirements of transitional, innovation, co-ordinating, opening-up and harmonious development, overall goals of social and economic development in Jinhua during the “Twelfth Five-Year” are, persisting in scientific development; accelerating the rise of the middle area of Zhejiang province; building a central city in the Midwest of Zhejiang province; fully building a well-to-do society that benefits all the citizens in Jinhua to lay a more solid foundation for the basic achievement of socialist modernization; Based on optimizing the structure, enhancing the efficiency, reducing the consumption and protecting the environment, a sustainable, stable and rapid growth of economy will be gained, an average annual growth of GDP of 10% in the region will be achieved, and the happiness index of people will be significantly improved.

Make apparent progress in upgrading of economic transformation. Gradually increase the residents’ consumption rate, further optimize the investment structure, and accelerate the transformation of growth mode of foreign trade to form a new pattern that consumption, investment and export co-ordinately drive economic growth. Fully develop the high-efficient ecological agriculture, make a breakthrough in the upgrading of industrial transformation, and obtain significant results in the comprehensive and supporting reform of modern service industry. By 2015, the value added in the tertiary industry will account for about 49% of the GDP, to try to realize the transformation of the tertiary industry structure from “231” to “321”. Strengthen the capacity for independent innovation. By 2015, the share of budget for research and experimental development in GDP will be 2.2%.

Making apparent progress in coordinated development of urban and rural regions. Fully pushed forward new urbanization. By the end of 2015, an urbanization level of about 63% will tried to be achieved. The spatial layout of urban agglomeration will be more rational, the coordination mechanism for urban agglomeration will be improved constantly, the agglomeration and radiation abilities of the central city of the urban agglomeration will be significantly strengthened, the comprehensive strength and core competitiveness will be significantly enhanced, the effect of the building of counties, central town and beautiful villages will be significant, the development capacity of the underdeveloped area will be continually enhanced, and the new pattern of integrated development of urban and rural areas will be formed preliminarily.

Make apparent progress in ecological civilization construction. Further pushed forward the building of large ecological city, fully construct the energy-saving and environment-friendly society, so that the economic development, population distribution, as well as the bearing capacity of resources and environment will be more coordinated. Fully complete tasks of energy consumption per unit of GDP and reduction of main pollutants. Carry out cleaning production, and accelerate the development of green, recycling and low-carbon economy, thus basically forming the security system for ecological safety. Significant effect in intensive utilization of land, water and other resources will be made, the cultivated land quantity will be maintained at 3,224,000 mu, the forest’s ecological function will be further enhanced, and the quality of ecological environment will be significantly improved.

Make apparent progress in reform and opening up. Further pushed forward the reform of economic system, orderly carry out all the experiment work in selected places for comprehensive and supporting reform, and make apparent progress in the reform in important fields and key links to further improve the institution and mechanism for accelerating the transformation of economic development way. Steps for “Go out” will be accelerated, and opening up to the domestic and foreign countries as well as cooperation between regions will reach a new level. Further accelerate the transformation of government, further enhance the public trust in government and its administrative efficiency, further improve the democracy and rule by law, and continually improve the social management system, so that the society will be more harmonious and stable.

Make apparent progress in securing and improving livelihood: The social security system will be better, a complete coverage of social endowment insurance and basic medical insurance for urban and rural residents will be basically realized, thus effectively securing basic living expenses of poor people. The modern education system, basic medical and healthy service system and the service system for national physical fitness will be better, thus preliminarily realizing the equalization of basic public service. The distribution structure of national income will be more rational, the synchronization of the income of urban and rural residents and the economic development will be realized with hard work, and the living quality of urban and rural residents will be significantly enhanced. Annual growths of disposable income per urban resident and net income per rural resident in Jinhua will be 9.5% and 10% respectively.