Deputy Mayor Zhu lungen

Post Time: 2017-08-02


Duties and responsbilities: He is responsible for every task regarding Jinhua's land and resources, housing, urban and rural construction, administration and city planning, civil air defense, and protection of cultural relics.

   He is in charge of the Municipal Land and Resources Bureau, the Municipal Bureau of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the Municipal Bureau of Urban Planning, the City Management Office of the Municipal Management Administrative Enforcement Bureau, the Municipal Civil Air Defense Office, the Municipal Administration of Cultural Heritage, the Board of Management of the Duohu Central Business District, the City Construction Company and Jinshui Company.

   He is also responsible for communication with the third provincial geology unit and the second coal geology bureau unit.

Profile :Zhu Lungen was born in December of 1965, in Quzhou, Zhejiang, and joined the Communist Party of China in November of 1986. He received his graduate certificate from the Zhejiang Provincial Communist School and started his career in August of 1984.

   He served as Deputy Secretary of the Jinhua Youth League, Standing Committee Member and Director of the Organizational Department of CPC Dongyang City Committee, Deputy Party Chief of Wuyi, Vice Secretary-General of the Jinhua Municipal People's Government, Jinhua Municipal People’s Government, Deputy Party Chief, Acting Chief and Chief of the Wucheng District, and Secretary-General, Vice Secretary-General and Member of Leading Party Members’ Group of General Office of the Jinhua Municipal People's Government, and Party Chief of Leading Party Members’ Group of the General Office, and so on.