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Arrangements of Major Work in 2015  
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8. We will improve the livelihood to increase people’s happiness.
Post Time: 29/04/2015

   8. We will improve the livelihood to increase people’s happiness. We will consider benefiting the people's livelihood as both the starting point and the ultimate goal of the reform and development, and make more development results benefit all citizens in a more equitable way.

   Enhancing the employment and social security. We will improve the policy system and service mechanism of employment promotion, entrepreneurship encouragement and independent job-selection, and do well in the employment of the university and college graduates and other groups of people. We will improve the collective wage negotiation system and the minimum wage adjustment mechanism, raise timely the basic pension standards and the basic living allowances for urban and rural residents, and promote the general income increase for urban and rural residents. We will promote the universal insurance registration, improve the "Five Fees in One" policy, and realize the full insurance coverage of the qualified insurers. We will promote the full coverage of the urban and rural home-based senior care centers, explore new modes of "home-hospital integration", and increase the guarantee level of senior care. We will improve the social assistance system and ensure the basic livelihood of the people in need.

   Advancing the reform and development of social undertakings. We will deepen the reform of education to enhance  educational philosophy, improve  teachers training, shape  campus culture, and accelerate the modernization of education. We will implement the Second Round of Three-Year Action Plan for Pre-School Education. We will strengthen the planning, design, construction and management of schools, increase the efforts in the building of the standardized primary and secondary schools, and promote the equal development of compulsory education in accordance with high standards. We will improve the education quality in high schools, promote the featured development of vocational, and implement the improvement program for special education. We will support the development of Zhejiang Normal University, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Zhejiang College and others universities in Jinhua, run well Jinhua Polytechnic and Yiwu Industrial and Commercial College (YWICC),. We will support and regulate the development of private education. We will deepen the reform of public hospitals and the performance reform of primary health care institutions, implement the tiered medical services and responsible doctors contraction system, and promote the central hospitals in the counties or cities and the community hospitals in the towns or townships to establish  close medical union with two-way referral, resource sharing and advantage complementation. We will strengthen the infrastructure construction of disease prevention and control, enhance the comprehensive management of new-born sex ratio, and improve family planning service of  floating population. We will promote vigorously the projects benefiting people's cultural life, promote the protection of the intangible cultural heritage and the construction of rural cultural halls, sponsor the Shi Guangnan Music Festival, hold the "March 3" She Ethnic Group Cultural, and launch the compiling of Jinhua History and Culture Series. We will carry out sports activities for the mass people and develop the undertaking of sports. We will implement in-depth the Development Programs for Women and Children and accelerate the development of the cause of ageing people. We will strengthen the disaster warning and contingency management.

   Innovating the social governance of the grassroots. The construction of "Credible Jinhua" will be promoted to advocate the contract spirits, carry forward the fair order and sound morals, and build social credit system with corporate credit as its focus. The establishment of 8890 service call network will be deepened to integrate social resources, improve systematic functions and increase specialized, market-oriented, social services. The publicity and education of law popularization will be reinforced to intensify the concept of rule of law. We will deepen the construction of Safe Jinhua; improve dimensional social security protection, control system,  prevention, and resolving mechanism of conflicts and disputes. The building of community work staff will be strengthened to improve work conditions and better the public services in communities. We will regulate the development of social organizations, make a play of village regulations and non-governmental agreements, and enhance the autonomy level of grassroots organizations. The workplace safety will be strengthened to carry out the main responsibility of enterprises and to promote the standardization of workplace safety. We will intensify the supervision and control of food and drug safety and attach great importance to network security.

   Accomplishing ten projects immediately related to people’s livelihood. The fiscal input will be increased to improve both air and water quality, reduce dust, give priority to development of public transport, improve education, guarantee assistance, expand employment, ensure food and drug safety, care of senior people, benefiting people's cultural life, improve the urban and rural public services and other ten practical projects immediately related to people's livelihood. At the same time, we will further improve the work concerning  ethnic groups, religious affairs, foreign and overseas Chinese affairs, Taiwan affairs, civil defense, meteorology, statistics, archives, local history, heritage protection and care about next generation, among others. We will strive to become a national model city of mutual support between army and people for three years in a run, and promote the Projects to Support the Development in Xinjiang, Tibet and Qinghai, and the work of “Pair-Up Assistance”.


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