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Arrangements of Major Work in 2015  
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7. We will revitalize the countryside to balance the development of urban and rural areas
Post Time: 29/04/2015

   7. We will revitalize the countryside to balance the development of urban and rural areas. We will comprehensively strengthen the work concerning agriculture, rural areas and farmers and actively promote the integration of urban and rural areas.

   Accelerating the transformation of agricultural development mode. We will enhance the construction of grain production areas and modern agriculture parks, accelerate agricultural science and technology innovation, promote various forms of rural land transfer, encourage industrial and commercial capital to be invested in the development of environmental controlled agriculture, and accelerate the development of green and eco-friendly agriculture. We will develop vigorously the upland grain production and establish the "Rice Bag" and "Vegetable Basket" projects. We will promote the ecological mode of crops-planting and livestock-raising integration, and support the construction of the ecological and scaled farms in the raising areas. We will formulate the quality standard system for such traditional products as Jinhua Hams, Jinhua Crispy Pies and Xuanping Lotus Seeds, and create the brands of Jinhua organic agriculture, quality agriculture and featured agriculture. We will support the development of family farms and other new agricultural entities.

   Cultivating featured towns and charming villages.In order to launch the construction of ten featured towns, including Wucheng Eco-Friendly Town and Pan'an Jiangnan Medicine Town,among others, their planning and layout will be integrated, carrying out the construction in batches according to their classifications, which feature ecological leisure, cultural experiences, emerging industries and traditional industries. We will accelerate the development both of small cities and  central towns, promote the construction of urban infrastructures and the extension of basic public service to the rural areas, and advance orderly the willing migrant farmers to settle down as urban residents. We will promote in-depth the construction of beautiful countryside, continue to implement the "12510" Boutique Incubating program, start the construction of pilot model of "Central Zhejiang Residential Houses", and launch the construction of nine Landscape Itineraries, forty-five Boutique Villages and ninety Beautiful Villages. We will intensify the efforts to protect ancient villages, ancient residential houses, ancient buildings and intangible cultural heritage, and promote the construction of twenty Legendary Charming Villages.

Promoting the sustainable increase of farmers’ income. We will strengthen the vocational and technical training of farmers, enhance the development of the processing industry of given materials, and support the construction of farmers business start-up bases. We will develop vigorously the rural e-commerce and accelerate the construction of Internet-based retailing platform for agricultural products.

   Advancing the economic development in mountain areas and taking targeted measures in poverty alleviation. We will support the construction of Pan'an Ecological Function Area, promote the upgrading development of the Jinpan Poverty Alleviation Development Zone, and accelerate the improvement of production and living conditions in such ethnic towns or townships as Liucheng of Wuyi and Shuiting of Lanxi.


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