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Arrangements of Major Work in 2015  
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6. We will accelerate the construction to increase the level of new urbanization
Post Time: 29/04/2015

   6. We will accelerate the construction to increase the level of new urbanization. We will implement earnestly the Resolution on Further Promoting New Urbanization made by the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, advance the urban planning, construction and management with high standards, and accelerate the construction of a boutique city.

   Reinforce the guidance of planning. We will follow the Jinhua-Yiwu Metropolitan Area Planning Outline and the target position of the New E-Commerce City, New Starting Point of the Silk Road, Advanced Equipment Manufacturing Base and Leisure and Tourism Resort Base, optimize the spatial layout, urban layout and industrial layout of the infrastructure along the "One Axis Two Belts", and gradually improve the four-level planning system of central cities, satellite cities, central and featured towns, and central and featured villages. We will further improve the main functional area planning of central business districts, new urban areas, and ecological conservation areas, among others, compile the special planning for major infrastructure and supportive facilities of the conurbation, strengthen the urban design and promote "More Planning in One" project.

   Constructing the core urban area. We will accelerate the development of the Duohu Central Business District, build the "Three-Vertical and Four-Horizontal" road frame, advance the construction of the Central Zhejiang Headquarters Economy Center, Regional Financial Services Center, Urban Business and Creation Center, Jinhua Science, Technology and Culture Center, and Urban Ecological Recreation Center, and improve the landscape of the Six Waterfronts along Three Rivers. We will accelerate the planning and construction of Huhaitang Lake, Jianfeng Mountain, Shimen Farm and other functional areas. We will advance the construction of the Wucheng New Urban Area, Jindong New Urban Area and Jinxi Block of the Jinhua Economic and Technological Development Zone,;improve the relevant functions, accelerate the industrial pooling and attract more people and businesses to settle down. We will speed up the construction of the Jinyi New Urban Area; cultivate with special emphasis the e-commerce, modern logistics, research and development, and cultural creation industries; run the Network Economy College; and promote the integrated development of industries and city. We will plan and build Yiwu with high standards into the Silk Road New Area, the Port and Land New Area and the Science and Technology Innovation New Area. We will deepen the construction of Smart City, Fiber-Optic Network City, and "Broadband China" Model City. We will improve the development and utilization of urban underground space.

   Enlarge the “one-city” effect. We will put into practice the Three-Year Action Plan of Metropolitan Area Construction, and promote the construction, sharing and connectivity of transportation, water supply, electricity supply, gas supply, environmental protection, tourism, communications and other infrastructures. We will accelerate the expansion and reconstruction of the Jinhua-Wenzhou Railway, launch the construction of the Jinhua-Taizhou Railway, and strengthen the preparatory work for the Ningbo-Jinhua Railway, Jinhua-Jiande Railway, Jinhua-Yiwu-Dong Intercity Rail and other projects. We will speed up both the construction of the southern part of Jinhua Railway Station and the relocation of the freight yard, plan and construct the Central Zhejiang Road and Railway Joint Transportation Harbor. We will promote coordinately the construction of  the Hangzhou-Jinhua-Quzhou Expressway (Reconstruction and Expansion), Lin'an-Jinhua Expressway, Hangzhou-Shaoxing-Jinhua-Taizhou Expressway, State Highway G330 (Reconstruction), Tangxi-Jiufeng Highway, Jinhua-Yiwu Highway (Middle), Jinhua-Lanxi Highway (Middle), Jinhua-Yiwu-Yongkang Highway, State Highway G351 (Dongyang-Pan'an Section) and other projects. We will accelerate the development of the Qujiang River Waterway and carry out the power transmission and transformation projects in Yongkang and other cities.

   Enhancing urban management. We will consolidate the results achieved in the creation of the National Health City; strive to build National Culturally Advanced City and National Forest City with clearing, afforestation, beautification, lamp-lighting, orderliness and proper behavior as the main contents; and accelerate the construction of both an intensive and connoted boutique city. We will promote the standardized and detailed management of city appearance and municipal facilities, and improve grid administration system. We will discover historical and cultural resources and make a full play of the advantages of renowned cultural heritage.


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