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Arrangements of Major Work in 2015  
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5. We will improve the environmental conditions to accelerate the construction of Beautiful Jinhua.
Post Time: 29/04/2015

    5. We will improve the environmental conditions to accelerate the construction of Beautiful Jinhua. We will give top priority to ecological conservation, forcing industrial restructuring, and continuing to promote vigorously the comprehensive improvement of urban and rural environment.

    Managing the water to make the water clean. We will carry out ten projects to improve the water quality in an all-rounded way, in order to get rid of water inferior to Class V in the main streams, maintain and improve the water quality, and upgrade four counties to the Provincial "Clear Three Rivers" standards. We will implement 286 sewage treatment projects, promote the renovation of the sewage outlets along the rivers, accelerate the construction of both urban and rural sewage closures and channels, renovate the sewage treatment plants, and promote the third-party operating mode. Dyeing, chemical, paper making, electroplating and other heavy polluting and high energy-consumption industries will be rectified according to the relevant laws. We will increase the efforts to reduce the non-point agricultural source of pollution, enforce strictly the regulations of no-raising areas, limited-raising areas and raising areas, and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of animal husbandry. We will implement the Three-Year Action Plan for Permanent Basic Farmland and Soil Remediation, and   improve the water conservation policies in ecological function areas to reinforce the protection of drinking water sources. We will accelerate the project to ensure water supply of key areas, and complete and put into operation the Jinhua Second Water in June, 2016. We will reinforce the embankments of reservoirs to reduce the risks, the renovation of small and medium-size rivers, advance both the flood control and drought relief. We will promote the construction of the water-saving city, accelerate the construction and transformation of urban drainage network, and conduct the pilot program of reclaimed water reuse.

    Improving air quality for a blue sky. We will implement the Three-Year Action Plan of Coal-Fired Plants' Clean Emissions Renovation, and strive to realize the clean emission of all the coal-fired power plants and cogeneration power plants in 2017. We will accelerate the technological transformation of clean emissions for the coal-fired boilers, industrial furnaces and cement enterprises. We will carry out the Free of Fireworks System of Heavy Polluted Area, shut down and relocate high-polluting industries, and renovate comprehensively the fume of the cooking oil and the waste air of dry cleaning industry. We will ban the fireworks and crackers within the Second Ring Road but for the New Year's Eve and the first and fifteenth day of the first month of Chinese Lunar Calendar. In 2016, we will carry out the ban of fireworks and crackers completely. We will intensify efforts to popularize new energy vehicles. We will realize the complete coverage of dust control measures in construction sites and mines. We increase the mechanized sweeping of the urban roads and achieve the 24-hour cleaning of main streets in the urban area. We will strengthen the monitoring and warning of smog weather.

    Alleviating the traffic congestion for smoother transportation. We will carry out the Five Actions to Reduce Traffic Congestion and work together with counties and cities to fight against the overloading of trucks. We will transform and optimize the nodes of road network, and connect the dead-end roads. We will give priority to the development of public transport, accelerate the implementation of BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) projects, and strengthen the operation and management of both public bicycles and public parking lots. We will advocate polite behavior in driving and walking on the roads, and encourage the citizens to choose green means of transport.

    Advancing the renovation to make the city and countryside beautiful. We will carry out in-depth the campaign of "Free of Illegal Constructions", strive to create one County Free of Illegal Constructions and twenty Towns (Sub-Districts) Free of Illegal Constructions. We will promote vigorously the renovation of the Erqi Block and the shanty towns of Shimen Farm. We will intensify the efforts of renovation for the lanes behind the revenues and start the transformation of thirty-seven villages in the town, fourteen of which are situated in urban areas. We will carry out special rectifications on both illegal buildings and illegal "more-than-one homestead for one household" in rural areas. We will complete the environmental remediation along the high-speed railways, expressways and state highway. We will demolish more than 3mn square meters of illegal buildings, and transform 2.1mn square meters of villages into towns, 1.2mn square meters of old residential areas and 0.75mn square meters of old factories.


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