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Arrangements of Major Work in 2015  
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4. We will promote the innovation to improve the quality and efficiency of development.
Post Time: 29/04/2015

    4. We will promote the innovation to improve the quality and efficiency of development. We will enhance the innovation-driven development and promote the business start-up and innovation of the mass people.

    Establishing the innovation platforms. We will plan and construct the Jinhua International Science and Technology City in accordance with the target and position of "Seven in One", accelerate the launch of China and Germany Science and Technology Park, and boost the development of the Jinhua Science and Technology Park of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Jinhua National Agricultural Science and Technology Park, Yongkang Modern Agricultural Equipment Hi-Tech Zone, and Wuyi Science and Technology City, among others. With the major industrial counties (cities) and major industrial towns as the focus, we will integrate, optimize and upgrade various types of industrial pooling areas, development zones and industrial parks. We will speed up the construction of the headquarters economy, information economy and pooling area of the service sector, and promote the overall advancement of industrial agglomeration, industrial innovation and industrial upgrading. We will strive to promote the output value of Yongkang's industries above the designated size to exceed RMB 100bn, and support Yiwu, Lanxi, Dongyang and other major industrial cities to compete for higher rankings. We will accelerate the construction of the extensive data, cloud computing, cloud services and other information network technology platforms; automobile parts, metal doors, mahogany furniture, textile and other quality inspection centers; and introduce vigorously the small and medium enterprises cross-border e-commerce cloud platform.

    Cultivating innovative entities. We will carry out the "1168 Program of Replacing Human with Machinery" and do well in the building of the Demonstration Enterprises of Industrialization and IT Application Integration and the pilot enterprises of "Three Renowns." We will support the construction of the Enterprise Institutes and the High-Tech R&D Centers, make a full play of the industrial funds and business start-up and investment guidance funds, and increase more than sixty National High-Tech Enterprises. We will promote the R&D (the research and experimental development expenditures of the whole society) to account for more than 2% of regional GDP, and increase more than 630 invention patents.

Transforming the innovation achievement. We will adhere to the "business-oriented, market-led and government-driven" principles and encourage the universities and colleges to set up the technology transfer centers, pilot test bases, test centers and data centers in Jinhua. We will develop vigorously the online technology market, accelerate the construction of academicians and experts workstations, post-doctoral research stations and high-level overseas talents business start-up and innovation bases. We will launch the campaign to build the National Demonstration City of Best Quality.

    Pooling the innovation talents. We will carry out in-depth the “One Thousand Talents Program” and "Shuanglong Talents Program", strengthening the matching and project cooperation with overseas talents and foreign experts, and setting up bank of talents. We will introduce 1,000 high-end talents and more than 10,000 talents in shortage, train 20,000 talents of skills, and strive to establish the reform and experimental area of talents management in such fields as information and networks, culture and film, and television.


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