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Arrangements of Major Work in 2015  
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2. We will stabilize the growth to maintain the momentum of catch-up development
Post Time: 29/04/2015

   2. We will stabilize the growth to maintain the momentum of catch-up development. We will give equal priority to quantity and quality so as to achieve steady and healthy development.

   Enhancing the key role of investment in stabilizing the growth. We will optimize the investment structure, and invest in six areas, including infrastructure, developmental platforms, leading industries, technological innovation, people's livelihood and environmental protection. We will carry out the Three-Year Plan of Doubling Input of Industrial Technological Innovation, promote the transformation of villages in the town, and the Double Ten Billion Investment Plan of "Five-Water Management". We will attach great importance to Zhejiang (Jinhua) Merchants Round-Trip Investment, Foreign Direct Investment and Docking of Central Enterprises projects, reinforce the protional investment of industrial chains, developmental platforms and developmental environment, and focus on a number of major investment and cooperation projects. Higher priorities will be given to the reservation and the preliminary work of projects.

   Enhancing the supportive role of export in stabilizing the growth. We will rely on the Yiwu international trade reform and promote the sustained growth of exports. We will reinforce the support to the building of export bases, export brands, exhibitors and comprehensive foreign trade service platforms, develop vigorously the imports and processing trade, and promote the balanced development of imports and exports.

   Enhancing the basic role of consumption in stabilizing the growth. We will create featured commercial districts, hold the Central Zhejiang Shopping Festival, build the Central Zhejiang Commerce and Shopping Center, and cultivate online shopping, travel, health, sports, culture and other consumers' hot spots.

Enhancing the leading role of real economy in stabilizing the growth. We will accelerate the incubation program of large enterprises, groups and fast-growth companies, and vigorously promote the program of "transforming self-employed people into companies, growing small companies into enterprises above designated size, upgrading enterprises above designated size into joint stock companies, cultivating joint stock companies into listed companies". We will cultivate vigorously 100 large enterprises and groups and 100 fast-growth companies, increase another 50 joint stock companies, 1,000 companies from self-employed people and more than 200 enterprises above designated size from small companies. We will carry out the Three-Year Action Plan of Small Workshops Cleaner Production. We will reinforce the support on small and micro enterprises, implement the burden-reduction policy with innovated methods, and increase the viability and competitiveness of small and micro enterprises. We will resolve actively the risks of corporate capital chains and guarantee chains, and increase the enterprises' capability to resist the risks. We will strengthen cooperation among governments, banks and enterprises, and carry out the annual check system of bank loans for the credible enterprises. Comprehensive measures will be adopted to promote the steady and healthy development of construction and real estate industries. We will deepen the reform of fiscal system and strengthen the management of government debts.


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