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Arrangements of Major Work in 2015  
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1. Reform advancement to increase the vitality of development
Post Time: 29/04/2015

    2015 serves both as a crucial year to comprehensively deepen the reforms  and a first year to promote the construction of the rule of law in an all-rounded way. To do well in our work this year, we face both several favorable conditions and many challenging difficulties. At present, China's economic development has entered a new normal, featuring changes in the growth rate, optimization of economic structure and conversion of developmental driving power. We will actively adapt to the new normal, seek for new developmental ways, and prioritize the transformation and upgrading, so as to create a more efficient, dynamic and attractive ecosystem of government affairs, entrepreneurship, innovation, natural environment and social development.

      The general requirements of government work this year are as follows:

      Fully implement the spirits of the Eighteenth Party Congress and the Third and Fourth Plenums of the Eighteenth Party Congress, earnestly implement the decisions and deployments of the Party Provincial Committee, the Provincial People’s Government and the Party Municipal Committee, follow the outline of "Double Eight Strategies" to focus on improving the developmental quality and efficiency, adhere to the general work guideline of seeking progress while maintaining stability, pay close attention to reform, strengthen innovation-driven development, highlight environment improvement, accelerate the transformation and upgrading, balance the urban and rural development, improve continuously the people's livelihood, deepen the construction of Jinhua governed by law in an all-rounded way, complete the targets and tasks set in the Twelfth Five-Year Plan, and lay a more consolidated foundation for the construction of “Two Riches”, “Two Beautifuls” and modernized Jinhua.

      The following are the major targets we set for the municipal economic and social development in 2015: Increase the regional GDP by approximately 8%, the general public budget revenue by over 8.5%, the per capita disposable income of permanent residents in rural and urban areas by over 9.5%, and accomplish the targets of energy conservation and emission reduction indicators assigned by the provincial people’s government.

      To fulfill the above-mentioned objectives and requirements, we will focus on the following eight aspects of work:

      1. Reform advancement to increase the vitality of development. We will facilitate the economic and social development under the guidance of reforms, and reduce the power of the government in exchange for the vitality of the markets.

      Docking initiatively the state strategies. We will integrate actively into the national strategies of the "Belt and Road” Initiatives and the Yangtze River Economic Belt, compile earnestly the 13th Five-Year Plan for Economic and Social Development, and make a sound plan of major platforms, significant projects and important initiatives. We will promote with full efforts the normalized operation of the “Yixin'ou” Sino-Europe Block Train, expand the exchanges and cooperation with the key cities along the “Belt and Road”, develop the road-rail joint transport, sea- railway joint transport and river-sea joint transport, and deepen the cooperation in international trade. We will actively join the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone, strengthen institutional innovation, and undertake the transfer of advanced manufacturing and intellectual output. We will seize the opportunity of the opening of the Hangzhou-Changsha High-Speed Railroad to develop vigorously the “high-speed rail economy.” We will participate actively in the reform of the Regional Clearance Integration in the Yangtze River Economic Belt, and the Inspection and Quarantine Integration along the Silk Road Economic Belt. We will accelerate the construction of Grand Clearance and effectively apply for the approval of the Jinyi Comprehensive Bonded Zone. We will strengthen the construction of the Jinyi "cross-border clearance" platform, improve the functions of the electronic port, diligently carry out the pilot imports of cross-border e-commerce, and plan and construct the cross-border e-commerce industrial park. We will accelerate the establishment of Yiwu International Mail Exchange Office and International Mail Exchange Station.

      Accelerating the state reforms and pilots. We will implement in an all-round manner the Second Three-Year Plan of the Yiwu Pilot Comprehensive Reform of International Trade, deepen the reform of facilitation in trade, investment and financing, logistics, customs clearance and public services, innovate the supervision and control system, and promote the integrated development of the ordinary trade, market purchase and cross-border e-commerce. We will accelerate the National Modern Service Industry Comprehensive Pilot, innovate the investment and financing system, and strengthen the construction of featured platforms and projects. We will also do well in the Hilly Slope Comprehensive Development and Utilization Pilot Program, and accelerate the construction of the Yiwu National New Urbanization and Rural Reform Pilot Area.

      Advancing in-depth the reform of market allocation of elements. We will summarize the provincial expanded pilot practice of Dongyang and Pujiang and increase the remediation efforts for the "Four Breakthroughs." We will improve the average yield and benefit assessment mechanism, differentiated factor allocation mechanism, and inefficient land replacement mechanism. We will also implement the industrial land policy of selling phase by phase and managing throughout the life so as to increase average yield of industrial land. We will conduct actively the Reclamation and Utilization Pilot of Abandoned Industrial and Mining Land. We will deepen the reform of investment and financing system, promoting the government and social capital cooperation mode, improving the institutional mechanisms of major projects construction. The social capital will be used to make a full play of the government bond as a financing leverage, and guide the social capital to invest in infrastructure and social programs. We will put into practice the financial rewards and penalties system for the ecological environment protection and improvement, explore the establishment of the water environment regional compensation mechanism linked to the total emission of pollutants. We will advance the reform, integration and restructuring of the state-owned enterprises, establish the guiding fund for major industrial development, and explore the establishment of new financial organizations.

      Deepening continuously the reform of urban and rural system. We will accelerate the confirmation, registration and certificate-issue of homesteads, achieve full coverage of confirmation and registration of land contractual and management rights, and improve the paid-use and exit mechanism of rural homestead. We will speed up the joint-stock reform of the village collective economy, and build the trading platform of rural integrated property rights. We will promote the unified registration of immovable property and deepen the reform of household registration management system.


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