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Arrangements of Major Work in 2015  
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Accelerating Building a Law-Abiding Government
Post Time: 29/04/2015

    III. Accelerating Building a Law-Abiding Government

    We will implement conscientiously the spirits of the Fourth Plenum of the 18th Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, and accelerate the construction law-abiding government with characteristics of scientific functions, law-authorized powers, strict law enforcement, fairness and openness, cleanness and efficiency, and honesty and credibility.

    Accelerating the transformation of government functions. We will adhere to the principles of executing resolutely  statutory duties and doing nothing without  legal authorization, increase the awareness of performing duties according to law, and promote the law-prescription of government agencies, functions, powers, procedures and  responsibilities. We will establish and improve the adjustment mechanism of "Four Lists", and expand the service network of government affairs. We will deepen the reform of the business registration system and the administrative examination and approval system, comb the preconditions for examination and approval, try the "One Window" acceptance service and implement the "Three Certificates in One" registration system. We will cultivate and regulate intermediaries and promote the intermediary to reduce procedures, time and costs. We will carry out the zero examination and approval system for the investment beyond the negative list and without purchasing land. The efficiency of examination and approval of independent site-selecting projects should be improved, and the market-oriented element supply mechanism should be established for the non-independent site-selecting projects. We will establish and improve the supervision and control system in and after the examination and approval. We will deepen the reform government procurement of public services, carry out the government procurement of legal services system, and increase the online government procurement. We will optimaze the bidding system in line with law, establish the credit system of corporations and intermediaries, carry out the "red list" and "blacklist" system, and establish encouraging mechanism for law-abiding and integrity and the punishing system for law-breaking and dishonesty.

    Improving the system of making decisions in line with law. We will establish the system of learning law during the municipal government executive meeting, improve the system of legal examination before appointing leading officials, carry out the training and updating of legal knowledge for the civil and improve the capability and level of decision-making, administrating and governing in accordance with law. We will implement strictly such statutory procedures as soliciting opinions from the public and conducting expert evaluation, risk assessment, legality review, and collective discussion. We will report to the Municipal People's Congress and consult with the CPPCC Municipal Committee before major decisions making. Additionally, the Deputies' and Members' participating mechanism of major decision will be established and improved. Legality review and filing of regulatory documents, legality review and filing for the contracts of public resources utilization, and experimental ways  to establish the follow-up and evaluation mechanisms for the major decisions will be strengthened. We will promote vigorously the government legal counsel system, and strengthen the construction of legal counsel work staff at three administrative levels: municipality, counties and townships.

    Regulating the actions of administrative law enforcement. The reform of administrative law enforcement system will be advanced to scientifically define the authority of law enforcement. The comprehensive law enforcement will be implemented to reduce the types of law enforcement staff, and the pilot cross-department comprehensive law enforcement will be carried out. We will accelerate the comprehensive law enforcement in both towns and townships, and improve the comprehensive law enforcement system in development zones, scenic areas and water source protection areas. The responsibility system of the administrative law enforcement will be implemented to regulate, manage and assist law enforcement officers. We will increase the law enforcement on environmental protection, urban management, "Five-Water Management", "Three Renovations and One Demolishing" and other key areas, and punish severely the violations in accordance with the law. We will implement the administrative enforcement case main responsible person system, case review system and major law enforcement decision legal review system. We will implement strictly the administrative enforcement discretion benchmark system.

Increasing the publicity of government affairs. We will adhere to the principle of being open to public as the norm and close to public as the exception, and promote the open decision-making, implementation, administration, service and results guideline. We will open to the whole society such items as government functions, legal basis, responsible departments, duties and powers, management procedures,  supervision methods. We will also make public the complete process of administrative examination and approval, and the types, bases and results of administrative penalty cases. We will further promote information disclosure in such key areas as performing administrative power, fiscal budgets and final accounts, allocation of public resources, public services, public supervision, approval and implementation of major projects, construction of social welfare cause. We will promote the information disclosure according to the application.

    Intensifying the construction of work style and clean government. We will consolidate and expand achievements made in the Mass Line Education and Practice Campaign, continue to implement earnestly eight-point decision on improving Party and government conduct, curb strictly the official spending, deepen the reform of official vehicles, and resolutely curb the rebound and resurgence of the "Four Styles". We will carry out the "Three-Strict and Three-Real" special education program, reinforce the awareness of responsibility and the spirit of innovation, implement completely the responsibility system and accountability system, and increase the executive power of government. We will improve the corruption prevention and control mechanism and strengthen the law enforcement, corruption and performance monitoring. We will also intensify the auditing supervision and attach great emphasis to the auditing of public funds, state-owned assets, state-owned resources and leading cadres' fulfillment of economic responsibility. We will cage the power into the system and establish a clean government.

    Fellow Deputies, accepting the supervision initiatively is an important part of building a law-abiding government. The Municipal Government will resolutely implement the resolutions and decisions of the Municipal People's Congress and its Standing Committee, and report the work timely and initiatively to the Municipal People's Congress and its Standing Committee. We will accept initiatively the democratic supervision of the CPPCC Municipal Committee, accept consciously the judicial medium and public supervisions. We will take into consideration opinions and suggestions of other political parties, federation of industry and commerce, public figures without party affiliation, people's organizations and people of all walks of life. We will handle carefully the motions, proposals and suggestions, increase the efforts to realize the handling led by or done directly by the leaders, and improve the handling methods and handling quality of handling, so that the majority of the people will be more satisfactory.

    Fellow Deputies, a new year has started, and we are now standing on a new starting point, with tremendous responsibility and glorious mission. By uniting closely around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as General Secretary, and working under the strong leadership of the Party Provincial Government, Provincial Government and Party Municipal Committee, shall we rely closely on all the people, handle properly the new normal, the new trend and new opportunities, work together, forge ahead, strive for programs of "One-Three-Five" and "Four Doubles", and spare no efforts to speed up the construction of the modernized Jinhua of "Two Riches" and "Two Beautifuls!"


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