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Review of Work in 2014  
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5. Continuous improvement of people’s livelihood
Post Time: 29/04/2015

      Full efforts were made to benefit the people's livelihood: the public spending on people's livelihood accounted for 75.8% of the general budget expenditures, and ten projects closely related to the people's livelihood were accomplished upon schedule.

      The employment and social security system was improved. Seventy-six thousand people from the urban area got employed and the registered urban unemployment rate recorded 2.8%. The standards of minimum wage, pension, health care, unemployment insurance, basic living security of landless farmers, and basic living security of urban and rural residents increased year by year. The pension coverage and the medical insurance of urban and rural residents reached 97% and 98.8%, respectively. Medical aid was provided to 32,000 people in need. The social senior care service system was further improved, 1,553 home-based care service centers and 3,222 beds of institute care were added. Jindong was classified as China Top Ten Examples of Senior Care Mode Innovation. The construction of the indemnificatory housing was accelerated with 23,390 sets started construction and 5,327 sets completed. The drinking water access was improved in the rural area, benefiting 185,000 people. The people in poverty were supported, and the development of mountain areas was sped up.

      Social undertakings were accelerated. RMB 280mn was invested to renovate twenty-nine relatively weak schools, and the standardized primary and secondary schools accounted for 66% of the total. Wucheng, Jindong, Dongyang, Yiwu, Pujiang and Pan'an passed the national examination on basically balanced development of compulsory education; Lanxi, Yongkang and Wuyi passed the relevant provincial examination. All-around comprehensive reform of public hospitals was carried out, deepening the "Four Simultaneous Reforms" for primary health care institutions, and the "20-Min Medical Services Circle" came into being. The drug income of public hospitals declined by 4.7% and the business volume of primary health care institutions increased by 15%. The policy that allows couples to have two children if either parent is an only child was implemented and the sex ratio of newly-born babies has decreased for six years in a run. The cultural undertakings developed in prosperity and the projects of people's cultural benefits were carried out in depth. 221 rural cultural halls were established, and the "Happy Jinhua" Mass Festival was held. Four items were added to the National Intangible Cultural Heritage List, and the protection and utilization of 100 ancient villages of historical and cultural importance, including Songxi, Pujiang, among others, made new progress. The restoration project of Wuyi Yanfu Temple was started. Sports and fitness activities for the masses were carried out extensively.

      The social governing system was innovated. The “8890” service covered the whole municipality, making possible the interaction among the municipality, counties and towns. It received 129,000 complaints from the citizens, and the completion rate and satisfaction rate was above 99%. The social management of 110 for the emergency calls, 8890 for the non-emergency calls, and social forces for public service began to take shape. The Social Security Prevention and Control System and the Social Stability Risk Assessment Mechanism for Major Decisions were improved. The work related to letter-petition, mediation and community correction was reinforced. The Network Economy Legal Service Center and the Contradictions and Disputes Mediation Center were established. Criminal cases decreased by 4.9%, and the construction of Safe Jinhua advanced. The supervision of food and drug safety and the construction of primary responsibility network were strengthened. 170 rapid detection chambers for the safety of agricultural products and 21 safe farmers markets were built. The system of killing poultry at designated places and selling frozen poultry in markets was settled in the main urban area. The production system based o both  safety and responsibility was improved, and special operations against illegal actions and rule violations in the key areas were carried out. The regulation on explosive dust industry was strengthened, causing to shut down  101 and rectify 272 metal explosive dust enterprises.

      Undertakings of the aging people, the charity, the disabled people and the care of the next generation were developed in an all-around way. Workers' unions, Communist Youth League, women's federation and other mass organizations were supported, strengthening the ethnic, religions, aliens, Taiwan affairs, weather, civil defense, statistics, archives, local history, arbitration, and emergency management. We supported the national defense and army building, achieved the provincial model city of mutual support between army arm and people for five consecutive years. We deepened the Projects to Support the Development in Xinjiang, Tibet and Qinghai, and the work of “Pair-Up Assistance” was further advanced. We completed the third economic census.

      Over the past year, in accordance with the deployments of the Party Central Committee, Provincial Committee and Municipal Committee, the Municipal People's Government carried out the Mass Line Education and Practice Campaign with the theme of serving the people practically and honestly, focused on the problems of "Four Styles", listened to the people's voices extensively, conducted criticism and self-criticism, and acted promptly to rectify thirty-four issues concerning the work style. Demands from the grassroots and masses were responded, conducting special rectifications to reduce the too-many institutions, too-many activities and too-many inspections, and solving a number of issues left over by history. The official vehicles reform at the Municipal institutions was completed, the official reception standards were regulated, and22,000 square meters of office space were vacated. The government spending on official overseas visits, official vehicles and official hospitality decreased by 38.6%. The disclosure of government affairs was reinforced to promote the information disclosure of budget and final accounts, and the auditing supervision was further strengthened. The government implemented earnestly the resolutions of Jinhua Municipal People’s Congress and accepted consciously the legal and work oversight of the Congress, the democratic supervision of the Municipal CPPCC and the social supervision of the general people, and established the system for the Deputies and Members to attend the municipal government executive meeting as non-voting delegates. 288 motions of the Deputies and 426 proposals of the Members were handled properly.

      Fellow Deputies, the achievements we made last year did not come easily. We owe them to the correct leadership of the Party Provincial Committee, the Provincial People’s Government and the Party Municipal Committee, as well as the concerted efforts of the people of the whole municipality. Officials at various levels, especially the officials in the grassroots, spared no efforts performing their duties. On behalf of Jinhua Municipal People’s Government, I wish to sincerely thank the citizens of Jinhua, Deputies of the Municipal People’s Congress, Members of the Municipal CPPCC, retired officials, democratic parties, federation of industry and commerce, people’s organizations, and people from all sectors of society. Additionally, I wish to express my sincere gratitude to the members of People’s Liberation Army, armed police, offices of central and provincial governments stationed in Jinhua, and express my sincere appreciation and respect to the friends who show their understanding of and support Jinhua in the endeavor to achieve its development!

      Meanwhile, we are well aware of the problems in economic and social development and government work, which can be summarized as follows: prominent structural problems of economy, such as insufficient innovative capacities, lack of developmental platforms, weakness in investment potential, unfavorable period for the industrial transformation and upgrading ; increasing pressure on  resources and environment, such as the lack of environmental capacity and energy conservation space, difficulties in the tasks of water management, air quality improvement and traffic congestion reduction; the inadequate bearing capacity of urban and rural infrastructure such as the delay on environmental improvement of the lanes behind the revenues and suburbs between the city and countryside ; the partial weaknesses in work safety and food safety administration. The transformation of government functions was to be improved and the thinking way of rule of law was to be established. The capacity of administrating in accordance with the laws was to be strengthened and the emphasis was to some extent placed on item approving and law enforcement instead of supervision and service. The "Four Styles" was still risky to rebound. We will not dodge these problems and will take effective measures to solve and improve.


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