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Review of Work in 2014  
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4. Rapid Advancement of Urban Construction
Post Time: 29/04/2015

     New progress was made in unified planning. The Jinhua - Yiwu Metropolitan Area Plan and the Land Use Control Plan for Jinhua-Yiwu-Dongyang Intercity Rail Transit were completed, as well as the unified planning for major infrastructures in the Central Zhejiang Conurbation and twenty-four special and controlled plans for key blocks in downtown Jinhua. The coverage of village construction reached 98.6%.

     The construction of core city was strengthened. The construction of the Duohu Central Business was accelerated. The concept planning and the urban design of the core area were completed; Wanda Plaza was opened for business; numerous projects of economic headquarters were settled down. The first phase of the Hengtangyan Resettlement Community was completed and the second phase was started. The Danxi Bridge was opened to traffic and the Southern Extension Project of Dongshi Street and the Eastern Extension of the Binhong Road progressed smoothly. The construction of both Huhaitang Lake Park and the tourism development project of the Gaoshantou Ancient City were started. The comprehensive renovation of the Ancient Inner City block and the infrastructure construction of the Jianfeng Mountain block were accelerated. Wubaitan Park, Yanweizhou Park and Bayong Bridge were inaugurated which made the Six Waterfronts along Three Rivers a beautiful landscape. The administrative system of the Jinyi New Urban Area was further improved. The ring road of the core block and the first phase of the landscape renovation of the Mantang Lake were completed. Both the utility corridor and new community project were accelerated. The first phase of the Cainiao project was put into operation. The construction of major projects, such as the China Mobile - Jinyi Information and Communication Industry Park, were started More than 120 companies gathered in the E-Commerce Operators Park. The Network Economy College was opened. The construction of Wucheng New Urban Area, Jindong New Urban Area and Jinxi Block of the Jinhua Economic and Technological Development Zone progressed smoothly. Yiwu launched the planning and construction of the Silk Road New District, Port and Land New District, and Science and Technology Innovation New Area. The popular image of “Credible Jinhua" was strengthened. Special rectifications were conducted to regulate illegal buildings and market order. The construction of the National Culturally Advance City was launched in downtown Jinhua, which was recognized as National Garden City. Wuyi and Dongyang were honored as the Provincial Forest Cities, and Pan'an became the Provincial Culturally Advanced Demonstration County. Dongyang attended the first-batch Provincial Pilot Construction of Beautiful Counties. Additionally, fourteen Towns of National Importance and nine Municipal Center Towns were added to Jinhua, while the town of Gushan, Yongkang, was included in the Provincial Cultivating Pilot of Small Cities.

     The construction of urban and rural infrastructure was accelerated. The Hangzhou-Changsha High-Speed Railroad opened for operation, bringing Jinhua into Shanghai's two-hour traffic circle and into the "High-Speed Railroad Era". Within the expansion and renovation project of Jinhua-Wenzhou Railway, the building demolishing and residents resettlement were completed, meanwhile, the project proposal of the Jinhua-Taizhou Railway was approved. The Dongyang-Yongkang Expressway completed the major project and the re-construction and expansion of the Hangzhou-Jinhua-Quzhou Expressway was launched. The re-construction of the State Highway G330, the Pujiang Section of the Provincial Highway S20, the Yongkang Section of the Yongkang-Pan'an Highway, the Pan'an Section of the Provincial Highway S42 and the Yiwu-Lanxi Highway were accelerated. The direct inter-city bus line along Jinhua-Lanxi Road (Middle) was opened. The hub construction of both Yaojia and Youbu along the Qujiang River Waterway was launched. Two national UHV projects were completed and 228 km of at least 110KV line were added to Jinhua. The Smart City Pilot Construction Pilot was carried out, making the city be listed among the "Broadband China" Model Cities. The development and utilization of underground space was strengthened, by newly developing 4.01 million square meters of underground space.


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