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Review of Work in 2014  
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2. Breakthroughs were made in major reforms
Post Time: 29/04/2015

     The "Four Lists and One Network" program was initially established, 54% of the administrative matters in municipal departments were reduced, and the special funds of fiscal capital were integrated into thirty-seven items. The department responsibility lists were implemented, carrying out the non-examining pilots for the investment projects beyond the negative list, and opening the administrative service network. The reform of examining and approval system was further deepened. Lower-level governments were made responsible for 204 items previously subject to municipal review and approval, creating the "Intermediary Services Supermarket", and improving the agent and centralized approval mechanism. The reform of business registration system showed remarkable progress, having license before certificate, joint certificates and joint license and certificate put into practice. The handling period of business registration realized two days for domestic investment, three days for foreign investment, and one day for the simple review for approval. Additional 110,000 market entities with registered capital of RMB 57.6bn were added, increasing by 8% and 40.5%, respectively. The Municipal Market Supervision and Regulation Administration,  Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission, were established, and the grassroots land management system was improved.

     The Yiwu Comprehensive Pilot Reform of International Trade made a major breakthrough, and market purchase –a new way of international trade – has been put into practice. The Bonded Logistics Center was suspended, the aviation port opened, and the Yiwu-Xinjiang-Europe block train – connecting China to Europe – was officially launched. The National Modern Service Industry Comprehensive Pilot was launched and the RMB 5.4bn investment of eighty-two projects of the first batch were completed. The pilot construction of the four systems supervised by the Ministry of Commerce was deepened. The Regional Clearance Integration Reform in the Yangtze River Economic Belt saw the active participation of Jinhua. The cross-border e-commerce trade service pilot made significant progress, with daily clearance on the Jinyi "cross-border clearance" platform exceeding 45,000 transactions. The Hilly Slope Comprehensive Development and Utilization Pilot Program achieved tangible results. The program of industrial land shift from farming land was reported upward for approval and the requisition-compensation balance of arable land completed. Twenty-seven thousand mu of land were leveled and made available to eighty-seven projects. The Yiwu National New Urbanization and Rural Reform Pilot Area was launched.

     The Special Rectification of "Four Breakthroughs" was carried out, comprehensive evaluation mechanisms of yield efficiency for industrial land utilization were established and improved, differentiating land management, re-development of inefficient land, supplying twenty-four thousand mu of approved land, and revitalizing eleven thousand mu of stock land. The paid usage and trading mechanism of corporate emission rights were put into practice. The rural reform of the "three rights (of land ownership, contract and management)" was  accelerated, completing the survey of rural land contract and management rights. The stock cooperative system reform was completed in 1297 village collective economies. The registration rate of rural homestead reached 74%. The forest and land stock circulation and forest right mortgage loan pilots were extended. The household registration system reform was launched in Wuyi. The rural financial self-management mode was created in Yongkang.


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