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Wu Opera and Calligraphy for JH Participants
Post Time: 11/07/2017

       July 3 was the tenth day of Suoyuan 2017, and the participants of the Jinhua Homestay learned about Wu Opera and calligraphy.

       In the morning, a lecture was given about the performing art of Wu Opera. After the lecture, the participants wore the opera's make-up and costumes, getting a sense of what real Wu Opera fans might experience.

       In the afternoon, the origins of Chinese characters were explained in another lecture, during which, most of the audience recorded their emotions with brushes for the first time.

       The Italian participant, Riccardo Giorgini, wrote his own Chinese name with a brush, paying attentively every single stroke. Not knowing all of the characters, Riccardo looked them up on his phone and managed to create his first work of calligraphy, for which he was praised for the delicacy of his writing by both the calligraphy master and the Chinese audience. (By Shao Qindan, translated by Marco Lovisetto)

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