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Further International Approval for JH
Post Time: 18/08/2017

      The Jinhua Homestay project has been successfully held five sessions so far, and apart from the positive feedback of the participants themselves, the program is garnering increased attention from the international media. On August 4, Liao Li, deputy director of the Center for International Cooperation and Exchange at China Radio International, and Li Qiang, director of the Confucius Institute at Kenyatta University, visited the locations of some of the sessions of the JH: Suoyuan Village, Jindong District and Yuyuan Village, Wuyi. On the morning of August 4, the parking lot of Yuyuan was already full of cars and buses of visitors. During the weekend, hundreds of tourists visited the village.

       Having been told about the project during her visit to Jinhua, Liao Li was particularly interested in the JH and realized the importance of the project, saying that when one visits a new country, he or she might be primarily interested in the customs and lifestyle of the local people; the JH provides its participants just such a chance: they can experience real life in China, change their misconceptions about the country, and return home to tell others what China actually looks like.

       In both Yuyuan and Suoyuan, Liao attentively visited the ancient buildings and listened to lectures about their historical backgrounds. She claimed that Chinese youths are not aware of traditional Chinese heritage: “For instance, my kid,” she said, “knows very little about it. I would send him to live in a country village for a period and let him experience such life. Unfortunately, I could not find the right location. In order to become Chinese ambassadors to the international dialogue, the younger generations should have richer experience of life and learn about traditional culture. As a matter of fact, the JH is the right platform for Chinese youths: participating in the project as volunteers, they learn about traditional culture and are able to transmit it to youths from all over the world.”

       When showed the project's video, Liao said that she was willing to promote the Jinhua Homestay through the CRI channel. CRI broadcasts every day in 65 languages throughout the world. At the end of 2016, the radio registered cooperation with over 100 international radio stations.

       During his visit in Yuyuan, Li Qiang was positively impressed by the creations of the JH's participants. As Li is in charge of the Confucius Institute at an international university, he is in direct contact with international students. “Those studying at our institute in Kenya are traditional Chinese culture enthusiasts; I believe they will be sincerely interested in the JH,” Li said. (By Wu Qian, translated by Marco Lovisetto, edited by Xiamara Hohman)

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