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World's Youths Depart from Jinhua
Post Time: 25/08/2017

         The Beihouzhou session of the World's Outstanding Youth in Jinhua's Historical Villages came to an end last week. During a one-week stay, outstanding youths from nine countries had a taste of authentic life in Jinhua's historical villages, learning about local traditions, architecture, customs, and economic development.     The participants were positively impressed by the way Jinhua combined traditional culture and modern industry and felt warmly welcomed by the sincere affection they received from the host families of the Homestay Plus. In just a week’s time, they developed a strong attachment to the city and were looking forward to returning to Jinhua in the future.


Zhang Hong, Director of the Jinhua Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, said that the World's Outstanding Youth in Jinhua's Historical Villages was a special event for the Jinhua Homestay project and was the first event organized in cooperation with Tsinghua University after the establishment of the International Social Practice Base for Graduate Students at Tsinghua University. Thanks to the Jinhua Homestay, the city was able to connect international talents from academic platforms such as Tsinghua University, Ivy Leagues universities, and the World Youth Development Forum, which gave the project more visibility.

       The 20 participants lived in the village of Beihouzhou, Dongyang for one week. Apart from learning about the local traditional and modern features, they provided plans for the conservation and development of the historical villages and combined their academic and practical knowledge, working on social practice cases in the fields of characteristic towns, e-commerce, and grassroots government governance.

       This event represented another chance for Jinhua's historical villages and industries to explore new developmental paths, and the feedback of the participants had a positive effect on the project itself and on the international image of the city of Jinhua.

       The Indian participant, Sanjena Narayanasamy Damodaran, described her experience in this way: “Upon our arrival in Beihouzhou, we were a bit confused, but, here, the villagers have welcomed us warmly; the drums, dragon dance, and lion dance, in particular, gave us a sense of delight and livability, manifesting the friendliness and kindness of the villagers.” Given her good relationships with both villagers and staff members, she felt like part of a big family.


As young students, they may have stronger theoretical foundations, while lacking of practical skills; thus before embarking for such a journey, the participants talked and exchanged ideas on a regular basis, and ended up taking this project not superficially, but as an opportunity for professional training and qualifying experience. Now, the 20 participants returned to their school or their countries, but in the next month, they will go through the materials and knowledge apprehended during their stay in Jinhua, and write a report, providing advice and plans for the comprehensive development of the city.

       Shortly after the conclusion of the Beizhouhou session of the World's Youth Project, the sixth session of the Jinhua Homestay is about to begin. The preparation works are almost completed, and the village of Shangjing, Tangxi Town is ready to host the new session, which is going to start on September 6. This time, 51 participants from 13 countries are about to start their journey through Jinhua's historical villages, opening a new season of the Jinhua Story. (By Wu Qian – Jinhua Daily, translated by Marco Lovisetto, edited by Xiamara Hohman)


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