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Biking along the Ecological Corridor
Post Time: 27/09/2017

        On the morning of September 16, the participants of the Shangjing session of the Jinhua Homestay took part in a bike ride along the Mid-Zhejiang Ecological Corridor starting from Ai Qing Cultural Park. Zhang Weiya, deputy mayor and deputy director of the office of the Mid-Zhejiang Ecological Corridor, attended the event and gave the launch speech.

       The Mid-Zhejiang Ecological Corridor is a new project completed according to Jinhua's modern view and based on the concept “Crystal Water and Verdurous Hills are Like Silver and Gold”: a new way to build a path toward environmental protection, green parks, and major landscapes.

       The Corridor is intended to promote ecological conversations, urban protection, green industries, travel, leisure, and culture. In this case, urban protection has been implemented through a cycling “green way,” connecting the points of interest located along the rivers' banks.

       At present, the Ecological Corridor covers an area of consistent dimensions. During the event, 48 participants of 10 nationalities gave shape to a “peloton,” following deputy mayor Zhang across the beautiful scenery of Ai Qing Cultural Park, Architecture and Art Park, Qingfeng Park, Bayong Park, Wanfo Pagoda, Rainbow Bridge, and China Wu Opera Theater.

Before reaching the Rainbow Bridge, Marvin Matthes of Germany, Iyar Nitzan of Israel, and Xu Shufang, deputy director of Jinhua's FAO Human Resources and Secretary Department, preceded the group to prepare to use Marvin's drone to film the participants approaching and crossing the bridge. This way, the picture and video group was able to document this wonderful visit to the Ecological Corridor.

       Marvin said that this outing was interesting and meaningful. It showed him the beauty of the city of Jinhua. The presence of natural scenery in an urban context is particularly attractive to international visitors.

       Iyar found the bike ride a bit short: he would have loved to keep on riding further. He claimed that the construction of this type of green area is a crucial element in the urban development of Jinhua. From the Ecological Corridor, not only can one see the natural landscape, but he or she can also perceive the cultural atmosphere of the city. He will definitely bring his family to visit when the opportunity arises.

After the bike ride, the participants were invited to attend performances of traditional plays at the Wu Opera Theater. The beauty of these performances left them amazed, positively surprised, and even incredulous. For many, this was an unforgettable day full of experiences that gave them greater insight into the Jinhua's Story, a story that will leave them longing for the next trip, spread the name of Jinhua around the world, and help others to appreciate Jinhua’s traditions, modernity, charm and beauty. (By Wu Qian, translated by Marco Lovisetto, edited by Xiamara Hohman)

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