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JH’s Cultural Exchanges
Post Time: 30/08/2018


With the presence of 50 participants from 15 countries in Songxi, it is also the first time in the village that different cultures meet, mix, and exchange. Participants had a wonderful time at the night of Qixi Festival1. And Chinese and Ukrainian painters jointly drew a stunning view of Songxi.

“Culture and arts are never constrained by languages or skin colors. The common pursuit of beauty can bring us closer,” explained Zhang Hong, director of the Jinhua Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, “we find similarities between different cultures, and people get closer.”


Celebrate Qixi with International Friends

It seems a destined fate to spend time together on Qixi. At dusk, people were gathering around the stage in the Shao Ancestral Hall. Alicia Lutgen from France, Kathrin Rau from Germany, Mangisa Yanga from South Africa, Neha Karve from India, and three Chinese girls were made up as seven weaver girls. And Petr Mikulec from the Czech Republic was the “cowherd”. They were the hosts of the evening gala.

 Most of the 21 performances were prepared by international participants. Among them, the most impressive part was love poem recital. Participants read the love poems from their own countries in their mother tongue.  

Benjamin Hermsdorf from Germany recited a love poem he composed by himself. The romantic night at Songxi and the loving scenery in the village endowed him with great inspiration. His girlfriend Steffi Grunzel is also a participant, she sang “the Moon River”  to her boyfriend in return, “It is an unforgettable night. I would like to express my love with this song to my loved one. Hope our affection lasts.” After the singing, Benjamin got on the stage and the two kissed. “This will be a day to commemorate in our relationship.”

Polish girl Klaudia Klonowska has participated in JH for the second time. Last time, she was still single. But she found her love soon afterwards. This time, she took her boyfriend here. It was such a sweet surprise for them that they should come across the Chinese Valentine’s Day during the stay. She felt somewhat “destined” for that. She believed that even if there are different beliefs of love, it is still the common emotion that everyone holds.


Beautiful Songxi on the Painting

Famous Ukrainian artists Andrei Bludov and Melnychuk Igorvisited Songxi and joined the opening ceremony last week. Enchanted by the village view, they decided to stay and paint. In the village cafeteria they encountered Xu Xiaofeng, the offspring of a famous artist from Songxi, Xu Tianxu. They had a good chat and decided to “cooperate and jointly draw a Songxi view.”

In the afternoon of  August 17, Shao Ancestral Hall witnessed a great art creation. Xu made the sketch and frame, and Igri colored. When they finished at 1pm, on the19th, a watercolor ink painting (1.4 meters by 0.7 meters) presented a delicate view of Songxi.

The painting was named Impression of Songxi. The painting was given to Songxi village, which also became  home in China for Igri.

Igri and other painters also created some oil paintings in Songxi. They would like to set up an exhibition of these works when they get back to Ukraine. They want to show the charm of Chinese villages to the world. (By Wang Lei, translated by Lin Yuqin, edited by Cristina Bonacin)


Translator’s Note:

1. The Qixi Festival, aka Qiqiao Festival, falls on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month. This year, it is on August 17th. It is to celebrate the annual meeting of a cowherd and his lover, the seventh weaver girl in Chinese mythology. Because of that, it is usually regarded as the Chinese Valentines’ Day for many.

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