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Songxi Session and Pujiang’s Dream
Post Time: 30/08/2018

      About two-thirds of the way through the Songxi Session, the participants of the Jinhua Homestay (JH) expressed sincere affection for Pujiang in a special gala. On the evening of August 24, themed “Dreams and Impressions of Pujiang,” the gala was held at the Pujiang County Cultural Center and also included the presentation of some of the tasks the participants have been working on for the JH.

      On the occasion, Chen An, deputy director of the Provincial Department of the Foreign and Overseas Affairs Office, praised the project and declared that the JH succeeded in bringing in cultures of various countries, enhancing mutual understanding, condensing tradition and friendship, and further expanding Jinhua’s circle of friends.

      Apart from the professional hosts of the evening, two participants joined in the conduction of the event: Klaudia Klonowska from Poland and Jacob Pagano from the USA. Klaudia is a college student in Amsterdam, and Jacob is a news reporter for National Public Radio.

      On stage, two teams competed against each other, the one led by Klaudia including members from China, Ghana, Germany, and France; and the other led by Jacob with members from China, Croatia, France, India, and the Czech Republic. The contents of the challenges were local and cultural in nature, including ancient poems, tongue twisters, and picture games; the themes ranged from millennial rural culture to Pujiang’s delicacies and paintings.

      The catchphrase of the gala was: “I speak for Pujiang,” which not only included performances in Pujiang’s dialect, but also in the standard Mandarin version. The participants were proud to call out “I speak for Pujiang!” In fact, in the past couple of days, a wave of fortunate Pujiang specialties made their debut on the pages of international social media (Twitter and Facebook), winning a large number of fans. This is the result of the Songxi Session’s activity of endorsement for Pujiang—I Speak for Pujiang. Additionally, included in the tasks of the Songxi Session, five thematic promotional videos about the JH have been posted online and tallied over 150,000 views.

      “Drinking tea is reinvigorating,” said Ebenezer Acquah, the main speaker in the tea-themed video. Ebenezer and his endorsement of Pujiang tea have become a focus of the Songxi Session.

      Eva Zeťková from the Czech Republic and Maximilian Teubert from Germany are now in their second experience of the JH: they met and fell in love during the Shangjing Session, and now are in Jinhua again, “We’re here this time and we don’t care about winning or losing; what we really care about is to do good for our second hometown.” Eva confirmed that each session of the JH has its own special features, and each hosting village has unique characteristics. The major feature of the Songxi Session, she went on to say, is a perfectly designed presentation of Pujiang’s characteristic products destined to be presented to the world. This not only satisfied the participants’ desire to learn about Pujiang, but also turned them into spokespeople of Songxi, Pujiang, and Jinhua.

      For Roy Gal Ezuz, an Israeli participant, his passion for wines and liquors was the reason to endorse Songxi liquor. He jokingly speaks of himself as an inebriate; in fact, when he tasted the Songxi liquor for the first time, he felt like he had a crush on it: “In the video, you may see many different scenes, like the atmosphere of a big party. Our aim was not only to promote and sell the liquor, but also to build up that kind of cheerful atmosphere that make the audience look forward to trying the liquor.”

      The videos produced by the participants were posted on social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter; and gained more than 350 followers. (By Wang Lei, translated by Marco Lovisetto, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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