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World’s Youths on Happiness & Struggle
Post Time: 03/09/2018


On August 27, with the theme of “struggle is the source of happiness,” the World’s Youth Forum Homestay in Jinhua’s Historical Villages was held in Songxi, Pujiang. More than 100 participants came together to discuss the relationship between struggle and happiness.

Zhang Hong, director of the Jinhua Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, hopes that the outstanding international youths can work together and share ideas for the development of Jinhua’s historical villages. 

Maximilian Teubert, a student at Dresden University of Technology, talked about his understanding of struggle and happiness: “Happiness can help create greater success and more effective work.” An Indian participant named  Ashish Kothekar believes that hard work is the source of happiness.

Guo Yang, CEO of Zaofeng E-Commerce Co., Ltd. in Hangzhou, said that the meaning of happiness is to struggle for the things we love. Wei Shan, an English teacher at Pujiang High School, shared her opinions from her own experience: “Happiness is not just a feeling. It can be a book you have read or people you love. It can also be the struggle you have experienced with your beloved country.”  

The youth representatives talked about their experience with happiness and struggle in their own lives. At the end of the forum, all the participants carried out a free discussion related to the topic. (By Zhou Xuan, translated by Pan Yinghua, edited by Kendra Fiddler)


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