Eighth Session of Homestay In Jinhua's Historical Villages is Coming

Post Time: 2019-04-30


Conditions for Application

and Task Setting

Conditions for Application:

Applicants should be at least 18 years old.

Applicants should be in a healthy physical condition.

Applicants should have an open mind in regards to people ,ways of life ,and traditions of different from your own .

Applicants should be interested ,willing and ready to actively engage in all aspects of this Jinhua Homestay villages .

Applicants should be fluent in both spoken and written English; Chinese language skills are not required.

Photos and video will be taken of participants during some of the project activities. Applicants must agree to any such material being used, if required, to further the aims of the project.

It is strongly suggested that you conduct research on Jinhua Mountain and include your creative ideas and possible contribution in your application.



1.The project provider each overseas participants of 8th session with a course certificate as an international exchange student of Zhejiang Normal University. The certificate will be offered by the project organizer and Zhejiang Normal University.


2.A chance to learn more about the traditional culture and modernization of China.


3.A chance to experience aesthetics of Chinese historical architecture and family warmth.


4.A chance to make friends and communicate with youth from around the world.


5.A chance to apply personal and professional skills.


6.Besides, the expenses, after participants arrive in Shanghai, will be paid by the project, including:

· transportation from Shanghai to Jinhua;

· accommodation and meals in Jinhua’s historical villages during the project;

· cultural activities and project related trips;

· pocket money (500 Yuan per student).


Task Setting:

Publicity Group


Group aim:

1. Take photos and videos and write articles on the themes of “Jinhua Mountain in my eyes”, “Jinhua traditional culture in my eyes”, “Jinhua Homestay project in my eyes”, and publish them in newspapers, magazines, and social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube.

2. Design one painting exhibition and one photo exhibition (paintings and photos should be created by participants during the project).

3. Make promotional videos for the New Top 10 Tourist Attractions of Jinhua, and publish them on social media sites.


Participants we hope to invite: Students majoring in related fields such as news, literature, or photography.


Painting Group


Group aim: Present both the natural scenery and history of Jinhua Mountain tourism area and Jinhua traditional culture in paintings.

Participants we hope to invite: students or groups majoring in related fields such as art or fine arts (painting).



Cultural Tourism Group


Group aim: during the project, there will be several lectures on Jinhua Mountain culture, that will improve participants’ understanding of Jinhua Mountain culture. Participants of this task group are supposed to collect material about Jinhua Mountain culture and scenic route. After the cultural lectures, participants should organize the culture related documents in English, translate them into their native languages, and design a fun tour route for Jinhua Mountain.

Participants we hope to invite: Students majoring in related fields such as East Asia culture (Chinese culture), Chinese language, literature, or tourism.


Design Group

Group aim: Come up with new ideas of products and their design that can represent Jinhua Mountain and be used, for example, as souvenirs (e.g. postcards, mugs, fridge magnets, T-shirts, etc.). 

Participants we hope to invite: Students or groups majoring in related to product design fields.