Int'l Presence in Jinhua Mountain

Post Time: 2019-08-23

    It has been five years since the first session of the Jinhua Homestay, and till last year the project had held seven sessions at seven historical villages in five counties (county-level cities, or districts) in Jinhua. This year, the 8th session of the project chose the Lutian Village in Jinhua Mountain as its activity base.

    Thirty-eight international participants from 13 countries—including Germany, Italy, South Africa, India, Poland, Colombia, and Croatia—spent 15 days at the Lutian Academy. They experienced the traditional culture here, like Tai Chi Sword, martial arts, and calligraphy. They also performed music which fused their indigenous cultures and other cultures on a stage set on top of the water.

    On the second day of the participants'stay in Jinhua Mountain, a poetry appreciation activity was held to introduce Jinhua to them through the aid of poems.

    On the morning of August 13, Lan Xuemei, who is from Italy, was reciting I Love this Land—a famous poem written by Ai Qing, a well-known poet who was born in Jinhua—in fluent Chinese at the Lutian Academy.

    Lan Xuemei is a Chinese fan who has studied Chinese for four years. When she learned that Ai Qing, one of the masters in the Chinese poetic circle, was born in Jinhua, she thought she was lucky to recite such a classic poem in the poet's hometown. She said that she could feel Ai Qing's deep love for his motherland and his hometown between the lines. “Jinhua is a sacred land that nurtures great poets like Ai Qing, who can write such far-reaching poems,” Lan remarked.

    In addition to appreciating Chinese poems, these international participants also experienced Chinese tea culture here.  Alexander, a participant from Greece, said that he had been obsessed with Chinese tea ceremony for many years, but this was his first time to witness the birth of a cup of Chinese tea. He said, “Tea growers in Jinhua are passionate with their business. They focus on making good tea and have craftsmanship. This experience is a precious memory for me, and I will spread these stories to my hometown.”

    This session of the project also held a special activity—Lunü Lake International Music Festival. This is the first music festival held in Jinhua Mountain, and it is also an effective marketing move for Jinhua Mountain to create a cultural brand of “Tourism + Music.” Since music is borderless, Chinese and international participants alike, in high spirits, sang and danced to songs of different languages by Lunü Lake.

    These international participants are in diverse occupations. Some of them are columnists, freelance writers, photographers, and graphic designers. There are also architects, masters of linguistics, and operators of international inns. Their arrival will not only promote Jinhua's exchanges with the world, but also help raise Jinhua's profile in the world and expand Jinhua's network of international friends. (By Wang Lei, translated by Shen Yingying, edited by Mariam Ayad)