Mid-Autumn Festival Celebrations

Post Time: 2019-10-08

    Mid-Autumn Festival is a Chinese tradition, bringing wishes of reunion, harvest, and happiness. On the occasion, various celebrations of Mid-Autumn Festival were held around Jinhua.

    On September 13, Siping ancient village held the Harvest Festival together with the third Mid-Autumn Festival tour, in which villagers reenacted the ritual ceremony of the Tangxi customs. During the holiday, the village also arranged a lot of interactive activities. For example, visitors could participate in farming activities and experience farming culture.

    Cultural halls in various villages also played a role in the observation of the holiday by putting on stage many performances for visitors to enjoy.

    On September 12, the cultural hall of Wuxing Community in Shangxi County hosted a wonderful Mid-Autumn Festival stage performance. Performers from other communities also came and offered performances. The event was enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.

    In Pujiang, a beautiful scene of traditional Han clothing in this thousand-year-old town attracted many people. The display combined the cultural history of the garments and the county, featuring Han clothing, lanterns, seals, rituals to the moon, etc. In the evening, those Han clothing lovers dressed up and worshipped the moon, appreciated the moon, and walked under the moonlight. It was in real harmony with the rich culture of the ancient town.

    The DIY activity of preserving fresh flowers was popular as well. On September 14, Jinhua Museum launched a DIY event to teach citizens how to preserve fresh flowers on their own. The floral teacher gave guidance on the necessary skills and personally demonstrated the steps of making these eternal flowers. Everyone enjoyed the crafting process.

    Mooncakes are an important symbol of the festival. On September 15, the Jinhua Museum launched a mooncake making event. For this activity, the teacher gave theoretical and practical explanations of the way to make a mooncake. Many parents took their children to the event to learn and enjoy. (By Xia Binting, translated by Lin Yuqin, edited by Mariam Ayad)