Jinhua Erects Xu Xiake Milestone

Post Time: 2020-01-05

In order to dig into Xu Xiake's tourism culture, promote the cultural and tourism brand of Xu Xiake, and support the establishment of a 5A-level tourist attraction, the Jinhua Mountain Tourism Economic Zone is planning the following projects: erecting a memorial statue and a travel milestone for Xu Xiake, building Xu Xiake Cultural Square, and preparing for the 2nd China Xu Xiake Cultural Tourism Conference, to be held in May 2020.

On December 19, 2019, ten experts, including Liu Ruisheng and Ren Xiaomei, vice presidents of the Xu Xiake Research Association; Tang Hanzhang, deputy secretary-general of the Association; Lin Jian; and others, were invited to Jinhua Mountain to do research. They also held a meeting to decide where the milestone should be placed.

Wang Yueping, director of the Management Committee of the Jinhua Mountain Tourism Economic Zone, says that Jinhua Mountain will take the conference preparation as an opportunity to implement 15 projects across the four categories of environmental remediation, infrastructure construction and reconstruction, cultural promotion, and publicity activities, so as to thoroughly understand the culture surrounding Xu and develop a Xu brand.

While the China Xu Xiake Cultural Tourism Conference is coming along with plans for Chinese Tourism Day on May 19, 2020, the Management Committee is arranging the construction of a travel milestone for Xu. Chinese Tourism Day falls on May 19 to commemorate Xu's literary masterpiece, Xu Xiake's Travels, which he began writing on May 19, 1613. It is of special meaning that the Jinhua Mountain Tourism Economic Zone is welcoming the Chinese Tourism Festival through promoting Xu's tourism culture.

The expert group led by Tang Hanzhang conducted an in-depth investigation on three candidate sites of the milestone along Xu's travel route near Jinhua Mountain: Lutian Academy, Zhizhe Buddhist Temple, and Xiake Ancient Road. After hearing the opinions of the Jinhua Mountain Management Committee about the sites, the experts unanimously agreed to set the milestone at Xu Xiake Cultural Square near Zhizhe Buddhist Temple. The construction of the milestone, the memorial statue, and Xu Xiake Cultural Square will all be completed before the conference starts in 2020.

The 1st China Xu Xiake Cultural Tourism Conference, themed “following the steps of Xu Xiake and enjoying beautiful scenery along the way” was held in Beijing in October 2018. Experts, scholars, and tourism industry businesspeople gathered together to carry forward Xu's traveling spirit, advocate the innovation of culture and tourism, promote Xu's travel routes, and boost the tourism development of the cities where Xu once journeyed.

The conference of 2020 will invite well-known culture and tourism experts and people interested in the study of Xu from all over the country to come together. They will participate in discussions, research projects, and hands-on investigations. It is hoped that the conference will tell Xu's story at Jinhua Mountain, promote the influence of Jinhua Mountain through Xu's celebrity status, and further integrate and develop the culture and tourism of Jinhua Mountain.

In addition to Xu Xiake Cultural Square, the milestone, and the memorial statue, the Management Committee of the Jinhua Mountain Tourism Economic Zone has also planned to improve the environment along Xu Xiake's Ancient Road, construct Xu Xiake Cultural Corridor and Xu Xiake Inn, and organize the Xu Xiake Cultural and Creative Product Design Competition. All of these projects aim to comprehensively improve the reputation and popularity of Jinhua Mountain. (By Xu Chaohui, translated by Jin Haiqiong, edited by Kendra Fiddler)