Visit Jin-Lan Ancient Road

Post Time: 2020-07-22
     Jinhua-Lanxi (Jin-Lan) Ancient Road always enchants visitors with its gorgeous landscape. Dwellers there are simple and hospitable. They will warmly show visitors the way when asked, and even lead the way in person.

There is a village nestling in the hills, with pebbles of various colors scattered around, white limestone walls and blue tiles offering a unique scene. In a spacious yard, an old man sits leisurely on a sturdy bamboo chair, enjoying the green tea in his hand. We entered the yard with soft footsteps and asked the old man for directions. He first said in a hoarse voice, “To the north, walk through the fields, and then pass a mountain stream. There will be some big stones in the stream, just walk on them to pass. Seeing that we were still puzzled, the old man stood up and gestured toward us, Since Im not occupied now, I would like to show you the mountains and waters here.

We followed him along the Jin-Lan Ancient Road until the setting sun painted the sky in flames, spreading its golden rays on the maple trees and bamboos. Smoke from kitchen chimneys rose above the ancient road, seeming to be talking about the beauty of this world. (Translated by Shen Yingying, edited by Mariam Ayad)