First Textbook on Live E-Commerce

Post Time: 2020-07-23
     As one of the national-level textbooks of vocational training and planning for e-commerce, the first Textbook for Training on the Special Vocational Ability of Live E-Commerce has now been published and is spreading across the country.

The textbook was compiled focusing on the features of livestreaming and the theory of skills training, jointly organized by the Textbook Office of Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the Yiwu Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. The book is divided into four sections: an introduction to live e-commerce, preparation for live e-commerce, the process of live e-commerce, and interactive marketing with followers. All of them provide the latest practical knowledge and operating techniques in their respective area.

With the development of information technology, e-commerce is seeing a great chance to develop, so training employees in e-commerce and perfecting their professional norms are matters of some urgency. On May 8, Yiwu issued the Certificate of Special Vocational Skills for Live E-commerce for the first time, indicating that the emerging occupation is now formally authenticated by an authority.

According to the plan of the Yiwu Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, 100,000 staff members will receive free skills training so as to boost network sales and the operation capabilities of e-commerce. (By Lin Xiaoyan, translated by Wang Junwen, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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