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Efficient Visa Application Process
Post Time: 09/10/2017

On the morning of September 27, Mr. Zhang, a citizen of Jinhua, went to the Exit and Entry Administration of the Jinhua Public Security Bureau (PSB) to apply for a visa. Later, he commented that he was impressed by the efficiency of their service: “The procedures for getting a visa are much simpler than before. You can handle all the procedures through a single service outlet. With no one waiting in line, it takes merely three minutes to finish all the formalities, from filling out the application form to paying the fees.”

Since the start of the One-Time Visit service reform, the Exit and Entry Administration of the PSB has taken advantage of big data technology, making constant efforts to simplify formalities and optimize services, so as to initiate a new service mode of all procedures handled through one outlet.

Previously, the procedures for a visa application included filling out a form, getting a queuing number, making a copy of the applicant’s ID card, collecting fingerprints, signing forms, and shooting a photograph on site. Jin Shibiao, the technician in charge of the service innovation program, found his task nerve-racking at first, having no idea how to make the process more efficient. Later, ideas occurred to Jin after brainstorming. He realized that all the information on the ID card is required on the visa application, so as long as the information is accurate, copies of ID cards are unnecessary.

Fingerprints—formerly collected by manual work—are now collected automatically through a machine. Jin also considered the possibility of connecting the queuing machine with the billing machine. He contacted a factory that manufactures billing machines, and it turned out that his idea would work. Now, application forms and queuing number cards can be printed out at the same time, which simplifies the procedure.

Jin also thought of installing the photograph shooting system at service outlets, so that applicants photographs can be taken while they are going through formalities in front of the service outlets. Jin and his team put their thoughts into practice by designing and installing the system on their own.

On May 20, the renovation of the lobby of the Exit and Entry Administration of the PSB was completed. Six multifunctional machines developed by technicians were put into use, so the procedure of getting a visa can be handled by machine. Applicants don’t have to go through multiple procedures at different service outlets. By scanning their ID cards, it is possible to get a visa in just three minutes. (By Zhang Liming, translated by Kang Meiling, edited by Kendra Fiddler)


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