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2017 Jinhua Development Summit
Post Time: 09/10/2017

On September 28, the Press Conference of the 2017 Jinhua Development Summit was held. Zheng Yuliang, member of the Jinhua Municipal Standing Committee and secretary general and director of the United Front Work Department, attended the conference.

Themed “sharing Jinhua’s opportunity, creating the future of Mid-Zhejiang,” the 2017 Jinhua Development Summit will be held on November 25-26 in Jinhua. The summit will attract Jinhua’s talents abroad to return to their hometown and share opinions on Jinhua’s development.

As the biggest meeting in Jinhua for the past 30 years, the 2017 Jinhua Development Summit will boast about 1000 attendees, 700 of whom are from the business circle and scientific fields, and 300 of whom are from cities outside Jinhua.

In order to cultivate and develop talents in Jinhua, one of the summit’s goals is to establish an association of Jinhua’s high-level talents at home and abroad. A council and committee will be set up for the association, and an assembly of about 150 attendees will be held for the first time to elect the council members.

The association will serve as the biggest community of Jinhua’s talent social organizations, with the existing organizations of talents being important constituents of it. Meanwhile, similar associations of high-level talents will also be established in counties and districts governed by Jinhua.

During the summit, various activities will be held, including a big dinner party, an opening ceremony, the Jinhua Development Forum, a meeting to promote Jinhua’s developmental environment, and a signing ceremony for major projects. (By Wang Fei, translated by Kang Meiling, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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