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Cao Jingxing at ZNU
Post Time: 03/01/2018

On December 18, a famous news commentator, Cao Jingxing, made a speech titled “The World Eyes China, and China Eyes the World” at Zhejiang Normal University’s (ZNU) Xingzhi College in Lanxi.

Cao Jingxing mentioned in his speech that the core message the foreign media reported from the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China was “China will be the center of the world,” which drew Western countries’ concern about the development of China. Cao said that there were few foreign reports on China 30 years ago. But now, the world is paying close attention to China’s development. “China is becoming more and more powerful on the world stage,” stated Cao, as one of his strongest impressions after having traveled to many countries.

Cao also visited Yucai School, founded by his grandfather in Jiangfan Village, Lanxi. Now, the school is just three small, shabby houses. However, there is a world map hanging upstairs in one of the houses. Cao was shocked that even under such difficult conditions, Yucai School still tries to teach its students to be globally-minded through the map.

Cao believes that, as students of the new era, it is increasingly important to be open-minded, seeking to understand the world, so that we can become the talents that meet the needs of this age across the world. (By Cai Wenjie Jinhua Daily, translated by Jiao Tingting, edited by Kendra Fiddler)


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